Review: The Second Mango and Climbing the Date Palm by Shira Glassman

I really have no idea how to start this (seriously, this opening has had multiple failed attempts plus weird, frustrated placeholder text :P) soooo a) I’m doing a book review! b) it has lots of queer representation! and ladies! and dragons! although there’s really only one dragon (is that a spoiler? I think it might be, with enough sleuthing skills) c) head below the cut for as spoiler-free a review as I can do of the first two books in the Mangoverse fantasy series by Shira Glassman.

The cutest cutes that ever cuted.

I’m not reviewing a comic so finding a read more image is slightly harder but luckily the author loves cute art of her characters so here are two of the series’ leads, Shula and Aviva, drawn by Tumblr user nobunaganoran.

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