Escher Cats! – Issue 14!

I really love the art on this issue and the mix of wacky, serious, and just plain awesome so … Zero Hour tie-in issue. Catwoman wakes up (in a stolen bed themed around a goddess associated with, you guessed it, cats) next to a sabre-tooth tiger in bed and with a scantily clad man in her living room. Who is apparently the sabre-tooth tiger’s friend. And spends the rest of the issue chasing the sabre-tooth through a changing, shifting Gotham and then rescuing them from 19th big game hunters, sharing a kiss with hunk from the past/hunk from the present, and seeing earlier and alternate versions of herself and then disappearing right off the comic page.

Before they steal a car that's still a modern car and drive off after the animal control van that turns into the carriage owned by a hunting lodge.

I also love what I’m going to call the Detective Catwoman outfit and it makes a very nice appearance (art-wise and number of panels) in this issue.

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Escher Cats! – Issue 13!

It’s the end of the Knight-sagas, at least in Catwoman’s title, and, since this isn’t my find the hidden cover cat feature, I can say – it’s time for the cover with the catfish! The somewhat perplexed looking catfish. Or astounded. I think they might be astounded. Catwoman does look pretty murderous for someone who very emphatically does not kill.

And has reasons for it too. As with a lot of things. Backstory, baby, backstory.

She also recommends leaving a fresh smelling corpse when you die.

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Escher Cats! – Issue 12!

I’m back with more Escher Cats and … seemingly everyone in this issue gets to use Catwoman’s inner monologue boxes except for Catwoman. And none of them make particularly good use of them. However, Catwoman does at least have a very in character reason (excuse? having your book taken over to help tell the KnightsEnd story really was not optional so it’s mostly a matter of trying to worth with and around plot requirements, especially for a character not directly involved in the KnightsEnd story).

FYI, I do not hate AzBats. He's just very very fun to play with for captions. And Selina's book 'is' getting taken over so Azrael and Bruce can work out their issues while she gets a couple pages so ... some fun poking is merited. :P

Catwoman wants to steal a cutting-edge device that can help with mobility for a paraplegic friend (and is stealing it from the bad guys) and Azrael!Batman wants to … do stuff that will likely piss Bruce!Batman off. And be shiny. Very shiny. And sharp.

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Escher Cats! – Issue 10!

In the competition of the claws, there can only be one winner! And two beautiful runners-up.

Hint: One of the bystanders trips the cop that was trying to question and delay Catwoman, in an accusatory way, after she single-handedly saved almost everyone in the vehicles falling off a bridge. Heart of the issue is the almost everyone part.

This cover really doesn’t have anything all that wrong with it. Also, it’s attached to a very Catwoman-y story. I tend to enjoy the Jo Duffy penned ones and this one gets into Catwoman’s brand of personal heroism and also how it’s received, by those saved and by those whose official function is supposed to be saving civilians.

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Escher Cats! – Issue Three!

Fun but weird covers are the name of the game for this installment of Escher Girls bingo, Catwoman style. By which I mean, I love the detail on her outfit and the 90s loved ridiculousness (not that that is a decade-exclusive trait in comics, but Catwoman’s combatants on the cover are totally a product of the time). So, head below the cut for another cover and another bingo card.

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Sunday Fun Day: Where’s Waldo, Jim Balent Catwoman Style (Week Twenty)

I’m not really refreshed enough to be commenting too much on these, but I will say that I’m glad this post will finish off the Doug Moench-penned issues. Even just flipping through them for this feature, they seem a tad … flat and not quite Selina-enough. Plus, and I think I’ve said it here before (or elsewhere), I think who Jim Balent is teamed with really makes a difference in the quality of his art work and … the Moench ones do not tend towards the impressive. There is Balent’s increasing slippage on anatomy and posing, but there are also overall problems with the art looking odd, unimpressive, and/or “dirty”/hard to read. But, enough of that. At least til we get under the “read more” cut. 🙂

She still has the awesome horror claws/hands here, but I think Selina is still beaten out by AzBat's claws. Sheerly due to size.

The last of the unsolved early-run covers to burn off, so AzBat is temporarily back on this blog. And having a claw comparison fight with Catwoman.

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