Review: The Movement #1-6

I am going to start out this review by saying that The Movement is not a comic I buy when it comes out or that I otherwise financially support. And that fact is in no way an indication of my feelings about the series (or maybe it is, just not in the way you think), so read below the cut for some spoilers and a lot of thoughts and feelings about this series:

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Review: Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, Episode 1 (2013)

This review is delayed due to life stresses and a shortage of spoons (and a need for people to send me winning lotto tickets), but I am here to tell you that SHIELD is the NSA. Not literally of course, but there are disconcerting parallels and a way of narrative structuring that make the show highly uncomfortable to watch and that make it difficult to root for the title group, even without added issues relating to race and class.

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