Catwoman: The Anniversary That Eventually, Kind-of Got Remembered

In case you missed it, Catwoman finally got her own A Celebration of 75 Years hardcover collection. And it is very possible you indeed missed it. I could (rather rightly) blame life circumstances for my missing the book’s release date, but in the course of trying to track down a table of contents to sate my curiosity (and then to write this when I found out a certain comic was included) I found more people surprised to hear that she had one and that it was already out than information on the book’s contents.

This … may speak to the amount of care and effort that went into curating the collection and to promoting its release, even given the spotty nature of collections in general. And it may make it not all that surprising that I have to give a content warning. Over a celebration/best of collection. So, discussion of the selections for the collection under the cut and warning for rape/rape aftermath and domestic violence. And general whorephobia and terrible narrative treatment of women.

I'm also bummed because this collection actually has a good cover, which ... not all of her trades do. To put it mildly.

But mostly warning for the cover and first page of the issue they picked to kick off the post-Crisis, pre-New52 section of the collection/continuity.

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So You Want to Read Sexworker Catwoman

In that case, you’re in luck, because there is 20+ years of comics continuity for you to enjoy with a canonical sex-working/ex-sex-working Catwoman and with everything from noir-ish crime solving and harm-reducing in Gotham’s East End to heightened narratives full of high adventure and a little (or more than a little) 90s comics excess and, well, some misadventures as well (but discussing Identity Crisis and related mind-wiping is not the topic at hand). Now, if you want to read some stories that deal explicitly with Catwoman’s history as a sex worker (and maybe find out which ones to skip), look no further than below the read more line.

Glorious 90s-ness. Unlike the sad, scary later 90s Catwoman covers.

I love that tagline. I also love the retractable blades in her (flat, non-high-heeled) boots and gloves. Catwoman #3, 1993, written by Jo Duffy.

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