Looking Back on Glee: Fandom Feelings and a Queer Studies Anthology

Given that it is both Asexuality Awareness Week and the week after the anthology I contributed to was finally released, it seems only fitting to take a trip in the wayback machine and talk a bit about my contribution and about my feelings about Glee.

Criticism and critique, of course, but also a heck of a lot of love for the show and its fans. <3

A most excellent cover for what I think is going to be a pretty rockin’ collection. Also, spoiler, if you want wholesale Glee trashing, you’re not going to find it here.

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Reading Comprehension Retry: Catwoman When in Rome

After indulging my curiosity and being reminded of the deep veins of ugly thought running through the Catwoman fandom and how often people use Catwoman: When in Rome to justify it, I am here to let everyone know that – Catwoman is not white. Catwoman is not Italian. And Catwoman is most definitely not your racist, classist fantasy girl. She is, however, a very cool character and one who does have some pretty concrete answers to the questions people ask about her, even with the strangeness that is comics continuity and the storytelling and art of the 1990s.

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My Little Porny: Fetishization Isn’t Magic

I want to say I’m not here to rain on your porn parade, but I in fact am. As part of what will hopefully be a series of posts on my entrance into the most recent generation of My Little Pony and its fandom, I want to examine what exactly happens when a queer lady decides to look up her favourite pony or new fandom on the social media she likes best for image and discussion sharing.

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