Escher Cats! – Catwoman #40!

I’m going to be honest. I got so bored with this story and this issue I gave up halfway through (and then came back, because I do need to be able to write this properly).

And then kind of consumes it, because he didn't have enough comics already.

It is the last issue of the arc at least. And I guess this cover at least does reflect the contents, given that Batman takes over the narrative again.

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Escher Cats! – Catwoman #39!

Two-Face and Joker follow up on the coin toss’s decision to kill Catwoman from last issue and Penguin decides he’s done with this whole ridiculous affair. And I guess Catwoman is in this too.

She could be off having jungle adventures or over-identifying with a diamond right now. So much lost fun potential.

They’re coming to take your comic away, Selina! Beware! Or just be bored. One of the two.

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Escher Cats! – Catwoman #38!

This issue marks the start of Catwoman Year Two, which I can say … is at least not as bad as Her Sister’s Keeper.

I'm not sure whether to be bored or bothered by this issue. But letting out someone like the Joker, especially just as a distraction so she can steal something, does not seem like this Catwoman at all. A different Catwoman maybe, with a different Joker (and Penguin and Two-Face), but not this one.

Seriously. This issue implies that Catwoman gets the idea for wearing a purple costume from the Joker. And has her let the Joker, Two–Face, and Penguin out of prison. Just to distract Batman so she can pull off a heist.

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Escher Cats! – Issue #0!

I almost wasn’t going to make a joke about this cover, given how serious the story is (and how much I love it – well, at least until it goes wonky at the end) but – like the story, it does go a bit wonky at the end.

On the plus side, at least we know which way is up, thanks to that cat on the windowsill.

Granted, her breasts are also doing slightly odd things given that she’s supposed to be falling downwards but … that’s part of the problem. She’s falling downwards. But she’s also jumping out of a window. But she’s also being tossed through the window from the outside while also coming through the window from the inside.

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Sunday Fun Day: Where’s Waldo, Jim Balent Catwoman Style (Week Twenty)

I’m not really refreshed enough to be commenting too much on these, but I will say that I’m glad this post will finish off the Doug Moench-penned issues. Even just flipping through them for this feature, they seem a tad … flat and not quite Selina-enough. Plus, and I think I’ve said it here before (or elsewhere), I think who Jim Balent is teamed with really makes a difference in the quality of his art work and … the Moench ones do not tend towards the impressive. There is Balent’s increasing slippage on anatomy and posing, but there are also overall problems with the art looking odd, unimpressive, and/or “dirty”/hard to read. But, enough of that. At least til we get under the “read more” cut. 🙂

She still has the awesome horror claws/hands here, but I think Selina is still beaten out by AzBat's claws. Sheerly due to size.

The last of the unsolved early-run covers to burn off, so AzBat is temporarily back on this blog. And having a claw comparison fight with Catwoman.

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Sunday Fun Day: Where’s Waldo, Jim Balent Catwoman Style (Week Nineteen)

As I work through the last of the solved but unposted covers, it seems as though Balent’s art work has really, solidly hit the start of its decline. And also more of a weird phase where the covers seem to want to be rather terrible, somewhat nightmarish (if you did not enjoy the spiders in the previous post in this series, I’d suggest you skip this one) lesbian erotica. Also, Catwoman does have covers with her characteristic expressiveness that earned Balent deserved praise but … she’s making those faces at her anatomy, not her antagonists.

I also don't know how her outfit works. Other than magic.

It seems their romance was ill-fated. Another unsolved cover to burn off, from earlier in Balent’s run. Still a slight case of the butterfly villainess, but also still much better than what will follow under the “read more” cut.

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Sunday Fun Day: Where’s Waldo, Jim Balent Catwoman Style (Week Eighteen)

Sooooo, I’ve had a heck of a month (granted, I’ve been having a lot of those, but December decided to send 2014 out with a nasty bang) but I wanted to try to get as many of my normal planned posts in as possible still. 🙂 Not sure how well that’s going to go given that I’ve been trying to catch up on an inadvisable amount of work at my regular job in a very short amount of time, but hopefully typos keep to a minimum and everyone at least enjoys getting a few select Two-Face panels. Trust me, they’re good. Or bad. Or … something. It was the 1990s, Two-Face had/has a gimmick, and I’m mostly faking consciousness and functionality at this point anyways. 😛

I'm silly and tired. What did you expect? :P Plus imagining it as a dating ad or dating site match is amusing.

I still have some unsolved+unposted covers to burn off, so here’s the one that tries to set up Catwoman with a butterfly-themed villainess. It’s all right there in the tag line. ;P

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Sunday Fun Day: Where’s Waldo, Jim Balent Catwoman Style (Week Seventeen)

Recovering from a head injury (and the resultant damage to my ability to work) and trying to even up the number of solved-but-unposted covers I have left, so only two covers this time. However, they involve She-Cat, Cyber-Cat, and, well, I think you can already tell that there is going to be some very … special 90s-ness going on this time. And Balent seriously pushing a pose … for the sake of a cool layout (and it is cool – he just ends up making Selina’s stretch resemble what a ball-joined figure would do, not a person, so all of her fits within a certain part of the page). Also some wobbles on his art and badness that I think may be down to the writing he’s paired with and what designs were asked of him.

I kind of want to be done looking at this cover. Plus I can't quite get She-Cat's tattoo to actually look like a cat in my mind.

Seriously. I don’t think Balent is solely to blame for the … logistics of Cyber-Cat’s armour. And the dialogue justification for it. And She-Cat is … something. And I don’t think her cat tattoo is the hidden cat on this cover, so it’s still unsolved.

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Sunday Fun Day: Where’s Waldo, Jim Balent Catwoman Style (Week Sixteen)

Trying to push through and salvage a bad chronic pain day by catching up on this feature for the month so far, so, finally, it’s time for Catwoman: Year Two. And for Batman to say, “Cat-nap chop.” I think a less than stellar comic (especially a three-parter that’s trying to follow up to the actually quite good although still very 90s Catwoman: Year One and cache in on the general pattern of Year One issues) can be forgiven a little if it throws something like that in. Especially when it’s an annoyingly serious and stiff Batman saying it. So, head below the cut for Catwoman, Two-Face, and not leaving a good thing alone by stopping at one.

We want to channel Frank Miller's Year One by ... including something the 60s tv Batman would say.

I was going to go back to burning off unsolved covers here but look at it!! So terrible and yet so … cat-nap chop.

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Bonus Post: Good Bad Girls and ’90s Environmentalism

Or, Catwoman defeats poachers and makes herself a little extra bank on top of it. Head below the cut for the promised back-up story from Catwoman #25, along with a little bit of discussion about (this) Catwoman’s moral code and what conclusions can be drawn about her based on this and other comics covered so far.

She's a bad girl, but not a bad person. And I'm too tired to be writing quality alt text.

Spoiler: Catwoman is actually a profoundly decent person. And also one still out to make a profit and to take care of herself. And those two character aspects are not mutually exclusive.

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