The Audio Knights Theatre – Fan-Built Combiner Project!

So, after finding out that Hasbro will be running a fan-built Transformer contest again this year (last year’s contest resulted in the Windblade toy and four issue comic mini-series, which is coming back as an on-going this year), The Audio Knights Theatre started up what they’re calling Project Nightbird. The aim is to come up with a five to six member all-female gestalt team, with robot and alt-mode designs, names, and backstory, all in a nice cohesive awesome package. Which is where I come in, since I may not be able to art but I can certainly worldbuild and try to make everyone as awesome and awesomely different as possible (they are all coming from another planet and one uninvolved in the very long Autobot-Decepticon war, after all). Plus, there have been jokes about Sharkticons (and about Nautica having a mom who doesn’t pick her to be part of the combiner) and there is no way I’m not going for a shark party. 😉 Plus, my love of Marston-era Wonder Woman means I have Ideas about Caminean culture. And a way to fit in the joke about Nautica’s mom in a way that’s compliant with canon.

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