Sunday Fun Day: Where’s Waldo, Jim Balent Catwoman Style (Week Fifteen)

I think the week numbering on these posts is now shot, other than as a way of keeping them organized, but I am going to try to make up for it (key word try) by doing a double set of posts in one day, starting with a special one that only covers one issue. Only one issue you say (that I say)? Yep, only the one issue because I’ve already posted the other three issues of that arc (and there are two additional ones in it that are not a part of Catwoman’s own comic) and because this first issue of the arc has some great interactions between Catwoman and a major player from Catwoman: Year One. So, head below the cut to find out who it is and to get some great character bits with, and information about, our hero.

By which I mean, somebody please please find where the heck the cat is at on this one!!

Nope. Not it. But this does lead into another Catwoman-in-an-unwilling-team-up story. And I do need to get back to burning off unsolved covers in this spot. Catwoman #28 (1996).

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Sunday Fun Day: Where’s Waldo, Jim Balent Catwoman Style (Week Three)

Low energy this week (insert joke about how that’s what every week is like for me here) and really in need of donations to get through August, but I have a special treat for everyone this week in the form of Catwoman Annual #2. With a potential bonus page showing the 90s comics glory that is Catwoman’s rival and enemy from her (martial arts – Catwoman never got as far as a high school education) student days, Hellhound. You have been warned. There may or may not be mullets ahead, but there are definitely knives. Plenty of knives. Because it was the 90s.

The decline isn't so bad here but it has started on the covers. Also, she's also horrified by all the giant Bat book events she's dragged into.

There’s nothing quite like the horror of your long-time artist’s slow decline and eventual decision to give up on drawing you with personality and without a plastic feel. Catwoman on the cover of Catwoman #56 (1998), written by Devin Grayson and drawn by Jim Balent.

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So You Want to Read Sexworker Catwoman

In that case, you’re in luck, because there is 20+ years of comics continuity for you to enjoy with a canonical sex-working/ex-sex-working Catwoman and with everything from noir-ish crime solving and harm-reducing in Gotham’s East End to heightened narratives full of high adventure and a little (or more than a little) 90s comics excess and, well, some misadventures as well (but discussing Identity Crisis and related mind-wiping is not the topic at hand). Now, if you want to read some stories that deal explicitly with Catwoman’s history as a sex worker (and maybe find out which ones to skip), look no further than below the read more line.

Glorious 90s-ness. Unlike the sad, scary later 90s Catwoman covers.

I love that tagline. I also love the retractable blades in her (flat, non-high-heeled) boots and gloves. Catwoman #3, 1993, written by Jo Duffy.

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