Escher Cats! – Issue 7!

This cover does not fare as well as its predecessor, but I will say it’s still not as bad as the first page of interior art.

I also think there are horrific things going on with her legs, but the back of the suit just looks so uncomfortable.

I’m not sure the material of a high-tech suit meant for climbing a volcano should be able to wedge itself that far up into places. Then again, I am not comics logic. Or the style of comics colouring where you paint on the clothes over the pencils and inks.

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Sunday Fun Day: Where’s Waldo, Jim Balent Catwoman Style (Week Twenty)

I’m not really refreshed enough to be commenting too much on these, but I will say that I’m glad this post will finish off the Doug Moench-penned issues. Even just flipping through them for this feature, they seem a tad … flat and not quite Selina-enough. Plus, and I think I’ve said it here before (or elsewhere), I think who Jim Balent is teamed with really makes a difference in the quality of his art work and … the Moench ones do not tend towards the impressive. There is Balent’s increasing slippage on anatomy and posing, but there are also overall problems with the art looking odd, unimpressive, and/or “dirty”/hard to read. But, enough of that. At least til we get under the “read more” cut. 🙂

She still has the awesome horror claws/hands here, but I think Selina is still beaten out by AzBat's claws. Sheerly due to size.

The last of the unsolved early-run covers to burn off, so AzBat is temporarily back on this blog. And having a claw comparison fight with Catwoman.

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