Escher Cats! – Catwoman #50!

In case anyone forgot what kind of quality writing and character work we’d be getting into with Catwoman’s big number 50 for her first solo series (and I won’t blame you if you have – a) it’s kinder to forget b) this post series has been on hiatus), this is the actual last line from from Catwoman #50:

“As for me, even if I never figure out who I am and why, at least I know what i am … A sleek and stealthy shadow shadow-cat, savoring the spice of night.”

Ah yes, the spice of night. Probably what made Catwoman forget who she is and why she does what she does … or maybe that was just the writer, trying to have an “interesting” angle on her.

The answer is a lot. Although Batman is possibly the funniest, followed by Robin. Even Joker seems to be pain laughing.

It’s kindest on yourself if you don’t try to make that cybernetic cat suit make sense. Instead, try figuring out how many of the characters on the cover look like they’re in pain and/or extremely grumpy due to being associated with this issue.

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Sunday Fun Day: Where’s Waldo, Jim Balent Catwoman Style (Week Nineteen)

As I work through the last of the solved but unposted covers, it seems as though Balent’s art work has really, solidly hit the start of its decline. And also more of a weird phase where the covers seem to want to be rather terrible, somewhat nightmarish (if you did not enjoy the spiders in the previous post in this series, I’d suggest you skip this one) lesbian erotica. Also, Catwoman does have covers with her characteristic expressiveness that earned Balent deserved praise but … she’s making those faces at her anatomy, not her antagonists.

I also don't know how her outfit works. Other than magic.

It seems their romance was ill-fated. Another unsolved cover to burn off, from earlier in Balent’s run. Still a slight case of the butterfly villainess, but also still much better than what will follow under the “read more” cut.

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