Escher Cats! – Catwoman #43!

Sadly, I think this issue could have actually had a pretty cool cover (or at least a pretty decent one) if She-Cat’s “come at me” fighting pose hadn’t been turned into an “oh gosh I think I broke all the bones in my lower body” pose. Not that that would have really enhanced the story, but an improvement’s an improvement.

Sylvia doesn't have a tech suit though. Or so much fur trim. She does have a grudge as wide as a continent and a villain willing to exploit her grudge and her situation to his own, also Catwoman-ending, ends though.

Even though her villain name is literally She-Cat, I think this is still a case of wasted potential hurt by lower quality art than the artist’s previous output. It’s also interesting that the dynamic underpinning Cyber-Cat’s interactions with and antagonism towards Catwoman are later reflected (in broad strokes, of course) by the plotline with Sylvia in Ed Brubaker’s run on Catwoman.

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Sunday Fun Day: Where’s Waldo, Jim Balent Catwoman Style (Week Seventeen)

Recovering from a head injury (and the resultant damage to my ability to work) and trying to even up the number of solved-but-unposted covers I have left, so only two covers this time. However, they involve She-Cat, Cyber-Cat, and, well, I think you can already tell that there is going to be some very … special 90s-ness going on this time. And Balent seriously pushing a pose … for the sake of a cool layout (and it is cool – he just ends up making Selina’s stretch resemble what a ball-joined figure would do, not a person, so all of her fits within a certain part of the page). Also some wobbles on his art and badness that I think may be down to the writing he’s paired with and what designs were asked of him.

I kind of want to be done looking at this cover. Plus I can't quite get She-Cat's tattoo to actually look like a cat in my mind.

Seriously. I don’t think Balent is solely to blame for the … logistics of Cyber-Cat’s armour. And the dialogue justification for it. And She-Cat is … something. And I don’t think her cat tattoo is the hidden cat on this cover, so it’s still unsolved.

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