Escher Cats! – Catwoman #42!

I’m back from the hiatus with, well, a story that has this as its first page. Oh for the early days of Catwoman’s comic and butterfly themed villains with slightly pushed poses and high cut slits in their dresses.

Seriously. I think we understand on our own that our hero and villain are both cat-themed and women. Also, when does Batman get a title reminding us insistently that he and his featured villain are male?

In case it’s not clear, I’m cracking wise about the title and subtitle on this page, not the artwork. The cover itself more than takes care of the quota for … whatever words there are to describe this.

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Sunday Fun Day: Where’s Waldo, Jim Balent Catwoman Style (Week Seventeen)

Recovering from a head injury (and the resultant damage to my ability to work) and trying to even up the number of solved-but-unposted covers I have left, so only two covers this time. However, they involve She-Cat, Cyber-Cat, and, well, I think you can already tell that there is going to be some very … special 90s-ness going on this time. And Balent seriously pushing a pose … for the sake of a cool layout (and it is cool – he just ends up making Selina’s stretch resemble what a ball-joined figure would do, not a person, so all of her fits within a certain part of the page). Also some wobbles on his art and badness that I think may be down to the writing he’s paired with and what designs were asked of him.

I kind of want to be done looking at this cover. Plus I can't quite get She-Cat's tattoo to actually look like a cat in my mind.

Seriously. I don’t think Balent is solely to blame for the … logistics of Cyber-Cat’s armour. And the dialogue justification for it. And She-Cat is … something. And I don’t think her cat tattoo is the hidden cat on this cover, so it’s still unsolved.

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