Escher Cats! – Catwoman #41!

I’m just going to call this case of the oversized exposition and peculiar buttshots. Same writer as the previous story arc so … the quality can already be guessed at. But if you want to watch a macho guy talk into a tape recorder about Catwoman for most of a comic issue, this is your story.

My overwhelming emotion is just boredom though.

Seriously. With everyone else roaming Gotham, why is Gordon suddenly a man possessed about the Batman antagonist who doesn’t kill. He still delegates though, so we just get page after page of miffed ex-marine talking into a tape recorder. Intercut with butt shots of Catwoman with her cats.

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Sunday Fun Day: Where’s Waldo, Jim Balent Catwoman Style (Week Twenty-One)

This should be a bit more momentous, but here’s the final (regular) Jim Balent Catwoman post for 2014 and one of the very last ones in this format period. 🙂 I’ve really, really enjoyed doing this feature even if the scheduling for it has gotten badly thrown off at times by, well, bad things happening. ‘And’ I do have some ideas as to what to do in a Catwoman-y vein once I finish up with the non-regular series Jim Balent drawn covers I missed putting on my list, but those are for the new year. For now, head below the cut (and the last two unsolved+unposted covers). 🙂

What? The cover has orange and zombies and Catwoman in an action pose. I'm set.

Still not sure if this cover has a cat on it, but it does have zombies. 😀

Where are you hiding the cat, Skelecatwomen??

Okay, so I may have accidental ended up with a theme for these. And, again, I cannot find the cat on this one either.

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