Escher Cats! – Catwoman #38!

This issue marks the start of Catwoman Year Two, which I can say … is at least not as bad as Her Sister’s Keeper.

I'm not sure whether to be bored or bothered by this issue. But letting out someone like the Joker, especially just as a distraction so she can steal something, does not seem like this Catwoman at all. A different Catwoman maybe, with a different Joker (and Penguin and Two-Face), but not this one.

Seriously. This issue implies that Catwoman gets the idea for wearing a purple costume from the Joker. And has her let the Joker, Two–Face, and Penguin out of prison. Just to distract Batman so she can pull off a heist.

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Sunday Fun Day: Where’s Waldo, Jim Balent Catwoman Style (Week Sixteen)

Trying to push through and salvage a bad chronic pain day by catching up on this feature for the month so far, so, finally, it’s time for Catwoman: Year Two. And for Batman to say, “Cat-nap chop.” I think a less than stellar comic (especially a three-parter that’s trying to follow up to the actually quite good although still very 90s Catwoman: Year One and cache in on the general pattern of Year One issues) can be forgiven a little if it throws something like that in. Especially when it’s an annoyingly serious and stiff Batman saying it. So, head below the cut for Catwoman, Two-Face, and not leaving a good thing alone by stopping at one.

We want to channel Frank Miller's Year One by ... including something the 60s tv Batman would say.

I was going to go back to burning off unsolved covers here but look at it!! So terrible and yet so … cat-nap chop.

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