Escher Cats! – Catwoman #30!

Part three of three of the team-up adventure and somebody got a mech-suit! Or, rather, the team got someone with a mech-suit foisted on them.

Balent seems to be getting a hold of his cover art again here, although Catwoman and Slyfox are suffering a little sideways torso. Maybe it's all the air and gravity they're fighting against on their ways down.

So it goes when you’re in a semi-forced team-up to begin with. Although this team actually has really good chemistry and skills … aside from Slyfox. Except for when you need someone loud and brash as a distraction. Then he’s perfect.

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Sunday Fun Day: Where’s Waldo, Jim Balent Catwoman Style (Week Fourteen)

The week numbering on these isn’t quite accurate anymore (at least in terms of one of these posts coming out each and every week til I run out of covers), but I am back with another installment and, unfortunately, we are moving into the middle part of Balent’s run on Catwoman. As I’ve already noted in previous posts, the art does stay mostly solid, especially on the interiors, but Balent starts to slip on the covers and the pizzaz with which he executes both covers and interiors can get a bit inconsistent in application.

Just try not to look at it too long. Instead, try to figure out whether Slyfox's fox tail is his own hair with a unique dye job or if it's an actual fox tail. That attaches ... somewhere.

However, some of it is fantastically 90s, so there is that. 🙂 And I do enjoy the sometimes inexplicable outfits that Selina suddenly shows up in. Plus, this page is a good example of an earlier, more forgivable type of Balent art sin, where he is trying to push the pose but for dynamism and expression purposes, not to try to contort the character to be more “sexy.” And Slyfox also seems to have a case of spaced-too-far-apart badass legs going on. That said, Selina’s left leg looks significantly smaller and like something went horrifically wrong where it joins her hip.

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