Escher Cats! – Catwoman #29!

This is a continuation of the previous issue and once again the story quality (and quality of the interior art for the story) do not match the quality of the cover.

And I can't tell if Catwoman has her mouth twisted in concentration from cutting through the vault door or if it's twisted because she's in close proximity to Slyfox.

Derive from that what you will. Although other than the obvious anatomy whoops, my big thing with this cover is that it’s just not that interesting, especially knowing what Balent is capable of. Although Slyfox’s expression is pretty priceless (as is the fact that he has the biggest money eyes out of the four of them).

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Sunday Fun Day: Where’s Waldo, Jim Balent Catwoman Style (Week Thirteen)

I have unfortunately been out of commission when it comes to writing (and somewhat with my regular job as well), but I am back this week with the first of two catch-up posts featuring our (or at least my 🙂 ) favourite superhero, Catwoman. This time Catwoman meets Robin (or, at least, ‘a’ Robin) and has an adventure in a house that wouldn’t be entirely out of place in a Steven King novel. Also, Catwoman tries to re-enact Godzilla (Grodzilla?) and I’m not the only to try being pun-y.

I was trying to give hints about the what the pun was referencing, but I'm not sure they helped.

I told you it was pun-y. Unfortunately I don’t think the issue involves Catwoman, Grodd, and others dressing up as hippies and singing about God. Also, check out the credits box in the bottom left corner.

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