Escher Cats! – Catwoman #28!

I’m Nick Fury and I’m here to talk to you about the Avengers Initiative. I mean …

Wait til you see the cover. And the team.

I really love the panel with the close-up of Catwoman’s retractable glove knives/claws and the panel after that, with the backlit glowing silhouette of her. Plus the whole not-Avengers-Initiative thing.

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Sunday Fun Day: Where’s Waldo, Jim Balent Catwoman Style (Week Fifteen)

I think the week numbering on these posts is now shot, other than as a way of keeping them organized, but I am going to try to make up for it (key word try) by doing a double set of posts in one day, starting with a special one that only covers one issue. Only one issue you say (that I say)? Yep, only the one issue because I’ve already posted the other three issues of that arc (and there are two additional ones in it that are not a part of Catwoman’s own comic) and because this first issue of the arc has some great interactions between Catwoman and a major player from Catwoman: Year One. So, head below the cut to find out who it is and to get some great character bits with, and information about, our hero.

By which I mean, somebody please please find where the heck the cat is at on this one!!

Nope. Not it. But this does lead into another Catwoman-in-an-unwilling-team-up story. And I do need to get back to burning off unsolved covers in this spot. Catwoman #28 (1996).

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