Escher Cats! – Catwoman #25!

I’m not quite sure how to describe this issue, but doing a feature on it right before October is appropriate, given its original release month and the partial haunted house theme at play.

The scooby gang seems startled to have walked into a private party in an abandoned and condemned house.

It’s also Robin (and some of Catwoman’s own gallery of not-associates) party-crashing her heist of the haunted/abandoned eccentric’s house but this cover may not quite seem to indicate that.

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Bonus Post: Good Bad Girls and ’90s Environmentalism

Or, Catwoman defeats poachers and makes herself a little extra bank on top of it. Head below the cut for the promised back-up story from Catwoman #25, along with a little bit of discussion about (this) Catwoman’s moral code and what conclusions can be drawn about her based on this and other comics covered so far.

She's a bad girl, but not a bad person. And I'm too tired to be writing quality alt text.

Spoiler: Catwoman is actually a profoundly decent person. And also one still out to make a profit and to take care of herself. And those two character aspects are not mutually exclusive.

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Sunday Fun Day: Where’s Waldo, Jim Balent Catwoman Style (Week Thirteen)

I have unfortunately been out of commission when it comes to writing (and somewhat with my regular job as well), but I am back this week with the first of two catch-up posts featuring our (or at least my 🙂 ) favourite superhero, Catwoman. This time Catwoman meets Robin (or, at least, ‘a’ Robin) and has an adventure in a house that wouldn’t be entirely out of place in a Steven King novel. Also, Catwoman tries to re-enact Godzilla (Grodzilla?) and I’m not the only to try being pun-y.

I was trying to give hints about the what the pun was referencing, but I'm not sure they helped.

I told you it was pun-y. Unfortunately I don’t think the issue involves Catwoman, Grodd, and others dressing up as hippies and singing about God. Also, check out the credits box in the bottom left corner.

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