Sunday Fun Day: Where’s Waldo, Jim Balent Catwoman Style (Week Two)

For this week’s edition of Sunday Fun Day, Catwoman gets a crop top, has a bad day, and has Jim Balent start to give up on her, at least on her cover art. Read under the cut to see this week’s covers and the answers to where Jim Balent hid the cats on them.

Seriously. There are giant swinging blades. This is fun. Unless you're Catwoman.

This week’s stumper is a fun cover but I fear the cat on it is a tiny pencil drawing hidden somewhere in all the texture lines. Check out Catwoman #35, written by Chuck Dixon and art by, of course, Jim Balent.

This week’s covers are from around the middle of Jim Balent’s run on Catwoman and are after the comic switched to a thicker, slicker paper than the series’ original newsprint-like interior and thinner, more matte cover paper. So, some warnings for differences in the art styles and colours, as well as a warning for Jim Balent starting to give up on his original art style, although only on the covers at this point, and not consistently.

Catwoman has a bad day (Catwoman #34, 1996, written by Chuck Dixon):

Seriously. The guy's outfit was the height of 90s ridiculousness in Catwoman: Year One

If only fishes were the worst thing that happens to Catwoman this issue. I don’t own a copy (yet – there is always hope), but it seems as though this is another time someone coerces Catwoman into doing a job for them. Which tends to be unwise (for them), but it seems Catwoman’s enemy from her younger days is back. And who knows how many knives Hellhound is trying to strap onto his body this time.

Catwoman gets an inexplicable crop top (Catwoman #36, 1996, written by Chuck Dixon):

I wonder how many times he complains about her being a woman?

It’s still a pretty nice cover though, and it appears that my guess that it’s Hellhound on the cover is correct. Not big on crossovers, which Catwoman got dragged into a lot, but her and Hellhound having to work together is an … interesting and tense situation, to say the least.

Catwoman has her cover artist start to quit on her, or at least her breasts (Catwoman #37, 1996, written by Chuck Dixon):

I'm also not so sure about that particular shade and quality of purple, although it's not as plastic-y as at the very end of Balent's run.

Remember what I said about Jim Balent starting to give up on the art? At this point in time it’s just the covers (she still looks fine on the interiors for this issue), but, yeah, something here isn’t the same as before.

And now for the answer key …

Make sure you’re ready …

Are you done looking and trying?

Okay, here you go!

I kind of love how she occasionally has lipstick to match her suit.

Balent was rather merciful with this one and the cat is done in Catwoman’s signature colour and is floating inside one of the air bubbles below the credits in the upper left hand corner.

Or the cover could be a lie, but with this series, generally the cover image is directly related to the actual content.

This one was a lot better than the final, torturous cover from last week, wasn’t it? The cat is actually one of the blood spatters on the sand at the bottom of the cover image. Seems like Catwoman and Hellhound have a bit of a dustup before (or after?) working together to escape.

Still not as bad as the one last week though.

This one was a slight toss-up, just because Balent did sometimes use living cats as the cover cat, but in this case, the cat is directly plot involved and is actually a lab created human-cat hybrid. So, instead, the answer is a tiny cat sitting inside one of the spots on the hybrid’s tail in the bottom right of the cover.

And that’s this week’s Sunday Fun Day. Hopefully you enjoyed the bit more merciful find the cat covers and weren’t overly dismayed by the rise of the bad Balent breasts. 🙂 Next week I might have some of the annuals that Balent did cover art for, but no guarantees. However, if I do, you will get to see some knife 90s glory, although not as much as if Hellhound had gotten to pose on the cover of Catwoman: Year One too. As with last week, all images belong to their respective copyright purposes and are used for fun review purposes only.

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