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Skipping the preamble – my partner and I need $1200 by Friday July 8 or we will be evicted (and then sued for the rent money we still won’t have) on Sunday July 10. Technically the money could be turned in first thing Sunday but all of it needs to be transferred and in the bank before then and the check given to the landlord ASAP.

The eviction notice was delivered this morning (Tuesday, July 5) and includes the remaining rent from last month, as well as this month’s rent and fees (including probably $30 for the sheet of printer paper the notice is on). Flat out we do not and will not have this money in time. My partner’s first paycheck after over a month of full-time work as an in-home Direct Service Provider (two weeks of it unpaid, with fees to be deducted from the first two paychecks) all went to other bills to avoid having utilities shut off and to avoid having him without the car, car insurance, gasoline, and phone service required in order to keep and perform his job, and the next paycheck, to be picked up this Friday (although only part of it will be available til next week – the bank apparently doesn’t trust the company enough to make the entire deposit available at once), will also be going towards working down and evening up the non-rent bills so that we, again, don’t lose utilities or his job.

In case it isn’t clear, he will also lose his job if we lose the apartment, which is what will happen without help.

We have at least been lucky in that so far his schedule has never changed (and it does change often, with often little notice) in a way that leaves us completely unable to visit the food bank in a given week, but everything is literally going into paying and catching up on our bills and into keeping and performing his job and that leaves us not just without the ability to buy groceries but also without the ability to catch up on the rent and come out even. And now we get to either come out even or die.

So, first off – thank you so so much to anyone who reads this and shares it and extra big thanks to anyone who is able to donate. Y’all are awesome. And, second, if you are able to donate, you can donate via Paypal using ittousagi AT hotmail DOT com as the e-mail address. And – any size donation helps. Seriously. A number of stairs can turn into a staircase, but you can’t have a staircase without any stairs, which is my way of saying even the smallest donation is genuinely appreciated and helpful.

Thirdly, I don’t know how this will actually go given my health and partner’s schedule (and the fact that my website is up for renewal this month and I may not end up able to pay the yearly renewal costs), but if you head below the cut I will give a breakdown of some potential post ideas I have coming up for the writing I do on my website for my Patreon (and for everybody – all of my articles are free to everyone, but the Patreon is a nice tip in the jar).

First off – anything from my Pride Month Post Party I ran at the start of last month that isn’t listed as fulfilled is still on the table, although I would probably need someone to specifically request it. I ran that to earn enough to stop-gap on the rent and car and was successful in both hitting the goal and fulfilling all the main writing goals listed, although it should be pretty clear how things have played out since then (if you want to find out more about the overall state of the field for my partner’s job, there was an official statement released earlier this year regarding the poverty-level-and-below status of a significant part of the workforce and the need for higher pay and more and paid training – for information purposes, my partner receives between state minimum wage and 75 cents above it, working a forty hour week with many additional unpaid and unreimbursed hours of car travel and paperwork and phone and online communication and time spent in the central office and with typically only one day off a week, if that).

In addition to those options/writing ideas I may revisit if requested, I am also looking (although they are not yet as developed as my main writing goals from last month were when I shared them) into doing one or more of the following, with different amounts of prep work required to start writing and posting them.

  • Samwise Gamgee’s Traveling Band! – I reread The Lord of the Rings by chapter or groups of chapters! You get – mixtapes! jokes! fun facts! interesting insights! breakdowns of numbers and dates! did I mention jokes? (Frodo Baggins: Winner of Most Tears Shed Per Inch of Shire 3018) discussion of the art (and frustration and disappointment) of adaptation! Peter Jackson! Rankin-Bass! Lord of the Rings Online! did anyone say Ralph Bakshi? What kind of song suits Bilbo at his last birthday party in the Shire? How scary is book!Sam? (the answer is pretty scary. he’s also a great spy until you have Gandalf as a houseguest and Sam finally gets caught after months of monitoring)
  • Help Me Obi-Wan, Recommend a Comic! – Something old, something new, maybe even something blue (in terms of the cover)! I revisit mini-series, single issues, and ongoing comic series I have enjoyed and share them with you! Did you miss 2014’s Iron Patriot mini-series? Did you know Lila Rhodes, his niece, is actually the hero of the series? Do you know where she is right now? Seriously, can you tell me where she disappeared to in the Marvel universe?
  • This Queer Ship – This is probably the weakest/least likely of the ideas, although I almost might end up reusing the title if this doesn’t happen but – as if a Lord of the Rings re-read with very involved, multi-media posts weren’t enough, I, inspired by the long, involved post series I wrote last month about actually writing and including queer characters (and letting them participate fully in a variety of genres and roles and as main characters) instead of fobbing queer readers off with, or mentally getting trapped in, ideas of the inclusion will happen naturally, it needs to feel natural, etc etc, am considering doing either a full reread or an issue and story highlight round up of the definitely not perfect but really pretty great and really darn queer Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye. Yes, queer robot space opera. Really. And, yes, the potential title for this is a pun/literalism/whatever you want to call it. Because I can. Not as ridiculously involved and multi-media as the Tolkien one but I may try keeping a very unscientific and nebulous count of the number of confirmed queer characters, besides discussing genre and plots and queer characters being allowed the kind of survivability and returns from death that straight characters get (points emphatically at that last bit, because it may be a comics truism that death isn’t really permanent but it does tend to be when you move away from characters like regular universe Batman and Superman and towards those with marginalized identities).

And that’s about it. I’m really, really hoping we can meet our goal with all your help. And I also hope I can keep on creating and sharing content with you all. Thank you all again and goodnight/good morning (I’m writing this after partner’s twelve-hour shift and when I’ve really not been feeling well, so time is kind of running away from me).

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