Pride Month Post Party!

To celebrate my spruced up site (and prettied up Patreon), fill it up with some new content (including the post of all posts, the post so big it really needs to be probably four posts!), and to try to raise enough money ($373, not accounting for processing fees) by Friday to prevent eviction and car repossession (oh the double whammy of job loss for one person and a turning out to be quite terrible and not paying at all for a month new job for the other), I am having a Pride Month post party!

What does this mean? I’m glad you asked! It means I’m sketching out, in humorous and temporary (or not) title fashion the major post idea I’ve been percolating for a few weeks into individual components and also brainstorming and throwing in other goodies so you, lovely viewers (readers?) can a) see what kind of content I produce when the sky isn’t falling down on my head b) can, if you want, and you’re able to donate, include a little “Hey, this post sounds extra cool or I like this bonus idea. I hope you do that one and maybe do it first?” message along with your donation.

I would like to emphasize that none of this is a guarantee that I will write any or all of this (I might get writer’s block or my health might disagree, for example, and I’ve already had delays in finishing all the site, Patreon, and social media updates and in writing this for both of those reasons), but I wanted to do something more than just ask for help again and the big idea and its sub posts are pretty darn likely to get written and I can always fill in with fun stuff that’s potentially a little easier to complete.

So, without further ado, you can donate to me (and my partner, unsung hero of comics studies conferences and my image and video needs) using PayPal and ittousagi AT hotmail DOT com as the e-mail address. And you can check out my upcoming writing ideas and bonus brainstorms below. 🙂

Thank you all in advance and enjoy! 🙂

100% Organic Natural Free-range Grassfed Queers, a Writing Guide [fulfilled!]Or, I have nothing against including queer characters! I just don’t want it to feel forced! I’m waiting til it happens naturally! aka Let me just sit you down and talk about …

  • Dumbledon’t: When Inclusion Happens After the Fact (or not at all) [fulfilled!]- Hey, I’m going to throw you a bone! It might be a little broken and I think I sat on it and, okay, I guess it’s really more of a quarter of a bone but here you go! Enjoy! And don’t forget to thank me profusely and line my pocketbooks please! Or I promise your bone is coming! Once our show is off the air! Once our show definitely can’t get a tv movie so we can wrap up things you missed out on because we were cancelled! Just not queer things! Oh, we totally had that queer bone in mind but we’re not going to tell you who! Seven years later isn’t enough! Oh but we had this character who was queer! The queer just fell to the cutting room floor and didn’t come back! Give us ally cookies now! Also, one queer person existing in the entire universe is enough right?
  • Kate Kane, Puddlejumper Pilot: AKA, You Can’t Write Queer Characters In That! [fulfilled!]- Queerness dissolves in water! No queer people served in the US military under Don’t Ask Don’t Tell! Bisexuals are mythical like things that are actual myths! All queer people go through the same situations and feel the same about them! Painting is a sign of The Gay! So is mentioning your mom! aka How to queer up your show, fix your jokes, and prevent ridiculous guessing (often by straight viewers) because you won’t actually name which characters are queer. Oh, and also – how to not get yourself stuck in a mental rut where you never write those queer characters because none of the situations and characterizations you can think of feel “natural.”
  • Eowyn, Eomund’s Daughter [fulfilled!]- Trans lady Eowyn is better than you and 10 out of 10 Rohirrim polled vote for Eowyn as interrim ruler. Interviewed after the Great War and asked how she felt about not receiving the rulership of Rohan, Eowyn said something about how her brother assumed both her and their uncle dead on the field of battle (and with a fond gleam in her eye, she says that he began a suicide run of the battle field with the entire Rohirrim army when he found her presumed corpse) and then began to choke, or, perhaps, laugh, and muttered something about wanting to see how long her brother lasts when he couldn’t even sit through either of his first meetings with kings without issuing threats and insults. Ghan Buri Ghan could not be reached for comment and the King of Gondor and Arnor claimed to have left a fire lit and ran off when asked about these claims. aka If your fantasy land can have dragons and wizards and a war to end all wars (for realsies end all wars!), it can have queer people. ‘And’ those queer people don’t have to spend the story getting emotionally, psychologically, and even physically flogged for being queer.

Bonus Bonanza Party: When you want to give the people more content but your body wants to curl up in a corner and wave a white flag of surrender (or you just want something to come out sooner than later).

  • Small plushes with smaller hats judging comics: Okay, so this doesn’t quite fit Pride Month but I used to do quick(ish?) photo narrative reviews of new comic book day comics using random plushes as props. It’s up to you to decide whether the Patreon patrons receiving that reward were lucky ducks or tortured souls.
  • Holly Robinson!: Holly Robinson can have a clever title later, although this missing in action DC queer comics lady is awesome enough on her own. And when seen with her girlfriend Karon. My preference is for fun pages and panels with the awesome early 2000s Holly but – okay, yeah, I want fun pages and panels. Plus she doesn’t have the contested origin/continuity that the (Selina Kyle) Catwoman of that continuity does. Other than dying and coming back (and ignoring the terrible story in which she died. and the terrible story before that that we don’t talk about, except when I already did).
  • Queer DC ladies in Catwoman’s 90s comic!: Don’t let Selina suffer alone! Phone a friend! I’ll revisit the time of Jim Balent drawn covers and pull out some Harley or Ivy (or both! as separate characters with separate stories, that is)! Tears of pain at Escher Girls-worthy anatomy shall be shed. More Catwoman backstory had. And Harley will try to pitch Catwoman’s actual life’s story as a movie and get turned down. All this and more! Vote now! Exclamation point now!
  • Ace eating a burger reading a burger-eating ace!: Go above, go beyond, throw in the price of a burger and a comic (or the first volume’s worth of comic) on top of my goal and get aceburgerception! It’s the worst attempt at a joke ever, but I also just might end up reviewing Jughead and getting a meal too! I had less silly ideas but I forgot them. And too much seriousness is too terrible to contemplate.

What’s next for our intrepid, sarcastic heroine? Sleep. Definitely definitely sleep.

[No copyright notices because I am this ridiculous all on my own. No help needed. But I do highly recommend visiting the Escher Girls site. Entertainment! Dismay! Education! A horror movie for your eyes and your mind! The owner/operator is also a very sweet, lovely friend. 🙂 ]

Note: We were able to hit the goal and I have now completed fulfillment of the post series described above. It was a ‘lot’ of work (even just one of the posts would be and I basically came up with four of them that have to be written and released as a cohesive whole) but I got it all done while Pride Month was still going on. Also – that amount we needed to raise was not the full rent amount. It was enough to keep us housed so we can get the rest by the end of June (and we have other bills, besides the faint far away idea of eating), so any additional support would be amazing. Especially since my site is also up for renewal in July and I currently do ‘not’ have the funds to keep it up and running after this month (June).

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