Homeless for the Holidays, Redux (Donation Post – URGENT)

Soooo, this post was supposed to happen a lot sooner and be a more upbeat, happier thank you, with updates on how we’re doing and maybe something about what posts were coming up soon (since more of my writing is the only thing I can really offer besides just actual thank yous and doing my best to recover from everything that’s been happening). However, well, we’ve basically been having the kind of luck that would make a younger me very certain that the universe was trying to punish her and it’s all been capped off by the car being towed away, presumably for repossession, during the night. So, we need help again. Still. And a whole heck of a lot of it.

(added a “read more” cut because, well, stuff happened. and kept happening, and I wanted to explain a bit)

Basically, everyone was incredibly awesome (seriously, y’all are freaking amazing 🙂 ) when I wrote my post last month and we were able to square away the doubled internet and power, be assured of our ability to pay the rent at the end of the month, get the combined renter’s/auto insurance reinstated (I was … incorrect in thinking there wouldn’t be a threat of cancellation until this month, so it was ‘really’ nice to be able to turn around and pay to have it reinstated instead of … negative things), and eat. Again, you all were ‘amazing’ and it was such a relief to get so much support and to be able to square things that needed to immediately be squared. Plus eat. Being able to eat something other than mostly potatoes (and not enough to get bare minimum daily calories) is freaking awesome. 🙂 And also helps significantly with being able to function, well, period. Plus function well enough to work and write.

Unfortunately, and this is where the other shoe drops, and keeps dropping, and probably has some kind of steel-toed cap … most of the last week of November, and thus my ability to catch up on my work hours (and writing work), was lost to a rather nasty head injury. Thankfully, I got lucky in how I landed (I think it’s sadder/ironic that the fall happened because my partner picked me up in a hug and was carrying me over to my spot on the futon to cheer me up), but I still slammed full on into a ‘very’ solid bookcase with the back (and side) of my head and also had my glasses slammed backwards on my face (thankfully the existing crack on the left rim didn’t finish cracking as a result – no spare glasses). Even if you’re ‘very’ stubborn and worried about getting in enough work hours to at least make the next month’s rent, you kind of don’t have a choice about working or not after that. I missed two days straight of work and even with cutting my rest/recovery short, there was just no way to fully make up the time I needed in the time that was left of the month (plus also at least semi catch up on my writing ‘and’ get my proposal for Comics Arts Conference Wondercon done and in).

Which brings me to week one of What Happened to the Month So Far??? (I’ve been uttering that to myself a ‘lot’ lately, unfortunately) – Last week was going to be my recovering from my head injury more, plus recovering from marathoning work hours (which I still had to do even though I knew I couldn’t make it to what I’d need to make rent) and then trying to get a good start on the new work and writing month and writing a thank you to everyone who helped out, plus tipping them into the current state of affairs (which was needing some but not a lot for the rent due Jan. 1 and needing to set the auto loan right before repossession could happen). And also trying to enjoy my favourite month and favourite holiday/holiday season as best I can.

It’s probably easy to guess that’s not what happened …

Instead, we found out Tuesday morning there would be a landlord mandated roach inspection and spraying on Wednesday (which was also when day-consuming weekly stuff that involves a fair bit of driving, getting to do our wash, and delicate stuff relating to stuff that really isn’t anybody else’s business got moved to – gentle fist bumps of solidarity for everybody else with complicated family stuff though) and so lost the rest of the day to cleaning and clearing up in preparation for that. And then lost Wednesday to the inspection and the aforementioned Tuesday stuff that moved to Wednesday. And ‘then’ (massive thanks and applause to anybody still with me on this 😛 :/) we came back to a note shoved in the door about the apartment having a landlord mandated roach bombing on Friday. Rinse/repeat with the day lost to prepping and to the actual event, except with 2.5 hours spent waiting for the pest control person to show up after having the bathroom and kitchen completely cleared out (and thus unusable) and then four hours to kill before being allowed back in the apartment. And ‘then’ having to come back and clean up the bathroom and kitchen enough to be safe and usable again, without the benefit of owning a vacuum. And then finally getting to eat our first meal since breakfast (being able to spend money probably would have made time killing easier and less hungry – also, I think I vaguely remember that people who like each other do stuff like go to movies and lunch and things that aren’t stressing over money or trying to clear up piles of toxic powder using just paper towels and distilled vinegar? :P)

I’m also very sensitive to chemicals, so this was not what they call the fun times (I felt the need for a very bad, subtle reference to Starfire’s speech patterns to lighten the mood 🙂 ).

And, also, the keys that had been glitching on my laptop’s keyboard died during all of that, so I basically lost a huge chunk of my communication suite and with no way to fix it and when I really, really needed it to be working. Largely for my own well being and happiness (I … am not sure that this makes sense to other people, but then again, people repeatedly prove themselves to be awesome, so maybe my laptop being an integral, integrated part of myself and of my ability to communicate ‘does’ make sense and thus the amount of wide-eyed terrified and then depressed and withdrawn I got also makes sense), but also because I need it to be able to do my work and do it with sufficient accuracy and speed to keep my job and to not have my monthly time sheets reopened and edited down in paid hours ‘and’ to be able to do my writing work, which I ‘love’ (besides having as my other/only other source of income), and to ask for help as well as to give thanks for help given. And stop-gaps are not meant to be long-term and there is only so much adjusting that can be done to an external keyboard that just plain does not suit me in terms of access needs (thankfully my partner did have a keyboard he could dig up so I can use my laptop, but, well, it’s really slow and laborious to type and I have to go back and fix the typos that inevitably appear and did you know fingers can trip over keys? because they totally can), so, well, that’s been another major addition to the pile of suck and something that I figured out a less expensive alternative fix to than having the keys repaired but which still involves a $70 keyboard. And, wow, thinking about maybe figuring out some way to get a laptop desk with built-in cooling to help out my aging but mostly fine (remember, the r-o keys were just glitching before) laptop seems ages ago now.

Aaaand I think that brings us to this week, when I’m trying to recover from all the chemicals and stress (and a horrific looking ankle thing that thankfully turned out not to be the thing-that-would-‘require’-medical-attention my nurse friend/valiant fielder of panicked messages from another state feared it would be), cope as best I can with the better of two bad options enough to try to start catching up with my work (my other option was to use my partner’s laptop and install all of my work and blogging extensions on it and move all my writing files over … which is a heck of a lot of work, especially since we use different operating systems. and also his laptop is basically an accessibility and sensory hell for me), and, well, I can’t remember what else at this point because it mostly ended up consisting of frustratedly trying to do my work with migraines and other fun chronic pain things and with too slow and error laden typing, errand running what seemed like every day and still forgetting stuff because I was some combination of in pain, dizzy, and too overloaded to think properly (or to enjoy being out and getting to walk, barring the salvage-the-day walk my partner took me out for Wednesday evening when my balance mostly stabilized, which was well worth heading out again and worth making my limp a bit noticeable 🙂 ), and then yesterday I got an e-mail from work that they were re-opening my November timesheet for me to correct it down to standard. Which means that I’ll be getting paid even less than I thought and probably getting paid at the very end of the month instead of, well, already being paid or getting paid the very beginning of next week (and now I’m more like $130 away from the full rent amount, although I won’t know for sure for a while).

I’m trying to think of something else to say other than “and then,” but I did want to explain why I’ve been so quiet and also kind of address the “why aren’t you better yet??” aspect of asking for/needing help again/still (not that anyone has acted like that towards us so far – again, y’all are awesome 🙂 ). Speaking of which, my partner finally found out at the very end of last month that my employer wouldn’t be hiring him on, so we’ve basically been drawing all short straws this month and really don’t know what’s going to happen after it. Provided we survive this month, that is. So, even though I’m trying to avoid saying it again …

And then, this morning (after getting to sleep in for two hours, which was ‘awesome’, and finally waking up with my balance about as good as it’ll get, which was even more awesome) I found out from my partner that the car had been towed overnight, presumably for reposession. He won’t be able to get in contact with the local office for the auto loan company until Monday but he was able to talk with the head office and we ‘may’ be able to get the car back, but it would take fully catching up on back payments (which was $500-something the last time I knew, but that was last month) and also likely fees for taking back possession of the car. Plus most likely paying for a taxi to get to wherever the car is being held.

I probably fairly obviously did not plan on spending today like I have and, well, I am definitely not having the weekend I planned where I happily catch up on work more, write a calm, urgent but not too urgent combination thank you and donation request post, throw up a Catwoman post or two, and have a long, lovely walk somewhere fun (and nab a few things more from the store with what I feasibly have left to spend on food) with my partner most of Sunday. Soooo … massive, massive thanks to anyone who’s stuck with reading through this whole long “and then…” filled thing. We need a probably ridiculous, probably impossible to get amount of help, so I appreciate even just the reading of this. 🙂 And on that note, since this got really long and I am, again, slowly pounding this out on an ill-suited external keyboard and then going back and fixing the typos resulting from the mismatch of user and keyboard, on to the actual donation info. 🙂

PayPal: use ittousagi@hotmail.com as the e-mail address (works internationally, but might run into send/receive limits because my partner only has a Bluebird account, not a “real” bank account, thanks to the effects of long-term unemployment)

Venmo: venmo.com/capesandwhips (preferred due to ease of use and no send/receive limits, but it is U.S.-only. does allow you to put whatever you want as your first and last name, so good if privacy/anonymity is a concern)

And that’s about it (I’d fuss more about the formatting or writing but the typing is exhausting), so major thanks for all the help that’s already been given and any signal boosting and other help that may come. I really wanted to be able to work on getting better this month and to be able to given thanks as best I can (which would probably mean a few fun Catwoman and/or Transformers related posts – for y’all I’d read Catwoman Defiant or Catwoman/Vampirella all the way through ‘and’ give them each a post just about them). And also to just enjoy my favourite time of year and to do it as best I can somewhere I’m safe and cared for and fully acknowledged as very queer and very disabled and ‘very’ into adorable reindeers and bows and trees. But, well, stuff happened. A whole lot of stuff. And I don’t know if we can get enough help to get out of it (my determination to retain a chipper demeanor is kind of warring with the fact that if this doesn’t get happily resolved, I’ll be fully back in a situation I don’t want to be in and my partner will be on his own and homeless by the end of the month if … other things don’t happen before then. and that’s as dark and specific as I’ll get with that), but I’m really hoping that we can. 🙂

I still want to salvage Christmas (although I think getting a tree of my own to make up for things I’ll be missing because of fraught family reasons is pretty much ‘not’ going to happen now), make a ridiculous post or two about my beloved but sometimes subjected to very silly treatment Catwoman (I think the Vampirella crossover or Defiant is a suitable substitute for CatwomanxChristmas stuff 🙂 ), hopefully get cast by The Audioknights Theatre (who have been super-lovely with the audition process for the Shadowplay arc of MTMTE), and, well, do a whole lot of work for work. And try to make sure my partner does the audiobook/audio-recording of L. Frank Baum’s The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus he wanted to do and have done by Christmas to share with everyone. 🙂 Mostly because it would make him happy (and because he’s been wanting to set up a Patreon-type dealio with made-by-him e-books and audiobooks of public domain novels and short stories and it could be a test example) and it would be nice for people to have, but also because it’s a personal favourite (in Rankin-Bass stop motion form, admittedly). 🙂

Edit: My partner spent Sunday doing the audiobook for part one of The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus and put it up, along with the e-book of the entire story (which is a 140-ish page three-parter), at this link right here. 🙂

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