Escher Cats!

Jim Balent era Catwoman plays Escher Girls bingo. Just about what it says on the tin.

So, I was just going to go ahead and save the start of this series for next month, but I really do kind of need to get at least four posts in per month and I miss having something Selina and something fun on here, so I’m going to try out a quicker version of this feature now and might change it later for future installments. 🙂

As said in my wrap-up post, this feature is basically me going through, chronologically and methodically, and trying to quantify the changes in Balent’s art style over his run on the 90s Catwoman series. In future ones, where I’m ‘not’ trying to fit things in under a tight deadline and faking a degree of functionality I don’t have (handling massive amounts of data in very compressed amounts of time is not particularly good for a person 😛 ), I might add in some kind of review or commentary but I kind of already somewhat did that with the previous feature and I really just want to chart the art with this one.

So, without further ado, the very first cover and very first bingo card for our weekly Escher Girls Catwoman party! 🙂

And I mean slight. Plus this is a Balent at his best cover - full of personality and fire.

Catwoman #1, 1993. The debut issue of Catwoman’s first solo series. Personal favourite cover and issue, even if it ‘is’ a slight bingo player.

As I said in the text, not that bad of a cover, if suffering from the foibles of a particular approach to drawing and colouring superhero costumes (which foibles tend to have a tad worse results on female characters). One which only gets emphasized when the posing and proportions themselves get very Escher Girl-y. But that’s for later Balent. 😉 For now, here’s the very mild bingo card my tired little self manage to fill out. 🙂

I couldn't decide if it was boob flounder or not though. I don't think they're really all that bad or unnatural looking. Just painted on clothes style breasts instead of drawing the clothes as a distinct separate layer.

Yeah. This one really isn’t that bad, especially given how bad Balent got late in the run. And given his tendency to push a pose a bit too far even when he was still excellent.

Some of the other squares maybe, ‘maybe’ apply, but, honestly, the “boobsocks” one is the only one that really sticks out. Especially given the depth of my Balent Catwoman knowledge at this point. This really is quite a solid cover and very clearly Balent at his best. Because he ‘could’ draw Selina well and was rightly praised for the amount of expression and dynamism in his art and in his facial expressions and posing and panels for her. It just … melted away into piles of Escher Girl-ian goo later on. So, I promise Selina will get at least one bingo. Just not yet. 😉

And that’s it for now, because I fixed this post to get it where I want it (thank you laptop and internet connection for not being sure how much you like each other :P) so I am going to try to go to bed. 🙂

Oh, and as always, those images aren’t mine. DC Comics is very large and very much the copyright holder. 🙂 And Escher Girls is run by the very awesome Ami and she is … awesome. EG belongs to her and the Bingo card design belongs to the EG fan who sent it to Ami. 🙂

P.S. There probably is something up with Selina’s pose on that cover, but it’s also clearly a turning/action shot and Balent (again, I am frighteningly well-versed in Balent Catwoman at this point, so I know my stuff 🙂 ) is clearly going for dynamism and fierce expressiveness/expressiveness of fierceness so I’ll give him a pass. Otherwise I’d have to go after that whip too, because it seems to be going for a little bit of fantasy action movement too. And, again, a) I love the cover and issue b) I’m so tired. So. Tired. Also, again, I have seen later Balent. So much later Balent. Not the same motivation or the same results as this. Be glad. So very glad. That you’re getting to see stuff like this for now, that is. Not that he gave up on his art style for her and went all wonky.

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