Escher Cats! – Issue Three!

Fun but weird covers are the name of the game for this installment of Escher Girls bingo, Catwoman style. By which I mean, I love the detail on her outfit and the 90s loved ridiculousness (not that that is a decade-exclusive trait in comics, but Catwoman’s combatants on the cover are totally a product of the time). So, head below the cut for another cover and another bingo card.

I really went on at length last time, and about elements that show up later in the story arc, so straight on into the images and accompanying text. It should be pretty clear Selina has tracked the trail of her would-be assassin down to Santa Prisca now though, given the cover, but if not – Selina’s down in Santa Prisca this issue (and part of the next). 😛

Seriously. I love the amount of detail her outfit originally has. Catwoman travels light but is 'prepared'. There's also a length of a special type of wire hidden in the hems of her suit legs.

As I said above the cut, I really do enjoy this cover too. However, it is a little further into the land of anatomical and posing wonkiness for the sake of badass, enjoyable posing so … teensy bit of a mixed bag here. However, it does show off one of the details of Selina’s outfit that gets lost later on – the retractable blades in Selina’s boots. She also has retracting blades in her gloves, plus a tactical backpack she wears part of the time (small and high on her back and secured with straps but also partially disguised under her hair – at least once she’s turned out to have moved her whip back there and so can make a fast move for it when told to put her hands up in the air and not move) and, of course, the top of her boots are designed for her to be able to store her whip in them. That bit also gets lost later on, but for quite a while Balent makes sure to draw the whip tucked into the boots even on small background shots.

It is really clear how awesome his faces were at this point though. So good.

There are probably other squares I could have checked but a) I’m really familiar with Balent’s style and how it progresses and the different motivations behind things b) I really think a lot of the issues here simply stem from the defying gravity fighting pose. Yes, it lets her have fantastic facial expressions and sense of character and shows off one of her main costume features and defenses but it’s really pressing how jumping and kicking actually work in order to get it all in the shot.

As always, all the Catwoman-related images belong to DC Comics and Escher Girls is the creation and one-woman work of Ami Angelwings. And the bingo card belongs to its respective creator. 🙂

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