Escher Cats! – Issue Four!

End of the line! Or, at least. this story line. 🙂 Head below the cut for Catwoman #4 and how it adds up compared to the rest of the opening arc. 🙂

I kind of stole my own thunder with this in previous posts, but this is the issue where Catwoman finally finds out who actually tried to kill her (and thus tried to kill her ward Arizona – and almost succeeded) and, well, don’t even try to harm someone under Catwoman’s protection. Or violate the tenuous, limited trust she allows you. But mainly, don’t try to kill her ward. Or her. But especially not her ward.

It’s also very heavy on Bane back-story (and recent story), told via Catwoman’s narration and her discoveries and interactions over the course of finishing her investigation on Santa Prisca, which led to, among other things, her meeting Bane’s father and finding out his true feelings and true level of awareness – and feeding an altered version of the story to the person she realized was actually trying to kill her, so that Bane would then shoot the messenger and take care of her would-be assassin for her. Permanently.

Catwoman and guns just doesn't do anything for me. Not super in-character for her, plus it's less connected to the story than the previous covers were.

I … am not really into this cover. It’s a little worse on the Escher Girls scale and without anything really great about it to compensate.

The breasts are really just the fault of the make clothing during the colouring process style of costuming superheroes, but it's made worse by the overly drawn in abdomen and rib cage.

This one was difficult again, although “organless torso” was painfully easy. The overall stance itself isn’t bad, even if the cover doesn’t thrill me, but the hips and midsection are way too narrow, even for Balent’s style, and it just contributes to the legs looking wonky as well (the right thigh seems a lot bigger but also like its melting into her pelvis, which isn’t as distinct an area as on previous covers).

As always, all the Catwoman-related images belong to DC Comics and Escher Girls is the creation and one-woman work of Ami Angelwings. And the bingo card belongs to its respective creator. 🙂

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