Escher Cats! – Issue Five!

The story title for this issue is “Nun Better.” I think that’s all you need to know. 😛

Really, it is. That, and the fact that I love the tag line on the early Catwoman covers. And in this case it basically sums up the point of the issue.

Also, there are nuns. In case the punny story title didn't let you in on that. One of them may or may not be Catwoman's sister.

It is a bit of an Azrael party at first but then the narrative voice switches back to Catwoman and her plot (and friends, and antagonists).

Seriously. It's like someone popped off her leg, positioned the leg, positioned the rest of her and then popped them back together. Likely with at least some use of force to get the piece to fit together.

I think I’ll call this the “I know it looks cool Balent but legs don’t attach that way” problem. Because, again, dynamic posing, great expression, wonderful cover, but the positioning of the entire length of the leg does not match up to the position of the pelvis it’s attaching to.

As always, all the Catwoman-related images belong to DC Comics and Escher Girls is the creation and one-woman work of Ami Angelwings. And the bingo card belongs to its respective creator. 🙂

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