Escher Cats! – Issue 8!

I did say there would be floaty drapes of fabric, didn’t I?

I love that she has slightly sharp/pointed nails too. If you're a big enough player in Catwoman's universe you earn some level of claws, whether a special manicure or a bit of tech.

I actually have a lot of fondness for this and the next cover but Zephyr’s outfit does have a touch of the wtf to it.

This is actually the first cover of a two issue arc and, honestly, there is not that much wrong with either of them, especially this one.

The theme for Zephyr's covers is, largely, who stole your underwear and ruined your cover by breaking your leg??

However, the top of her right leg is definitely set lower than it should be in order to actually connect to her hip. And the slit in her drape/dress really needs to come just slightly lower (or they need to allow her to actually, clearly wear underwear), besides adjusting the height difference between the two smoke stacks she’s standing on so she doesn’t have an overlong/broken right leg.

I do enjoy her mask though and the red-eyed demon eyes combined with the vicious, I will most certainly take you down grin.

Next time, more Zephyr and the Case of the Missing Underwear. Also, I still don’t own the copyright to DC Comics art. And Escher Girls is the sole creation of Ami Angelwings and the Escher Girls bingo card is the creation of its, well, creator too.

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