Escher Cats! – Issue 7!

This cover does not fare as well as its predecessor, but I will say it’s still not as bad as the first page of interior art.

I also think there are horrific things going on with her legs, but the back of the suit just looks so uncomfortable.

I’m not sure the material of a high-tech suit meant for climbing a volcano should be able to wedge itself that far up into places. Then again, I am not comics logic. Or the style of comics colouring where you paint on the clothes over the pencils and inks.

AzBat is back in this issue and still taking Catwoman for the criminal and villain she isn’t. Because … girl cat cooties.

Seriously. I'd almost find that more reasonable than his grudgy "need to put her away for good" and be better than that softie (original)Batman mentality.

Maybe Jean-Paul is just jealous of her claws.

Normally I love Catwoman looking fierce and popping her claws but this cover is lackluster compared to others.

I guess this issue decided to compensate for the previous one getting a score of zero. It was hard picking exact categories but I think a lot of the problems in this one come from stretching/straining her torso too much and not angling her more fully towards AzBat (or repositioning AzBat if it was that important for this not to be a back shot of Catwoman). The cover is trying to work a pose that doesn’t quite work with the positioning of the players as it is.

Next up is a custom made antagonist for Catwoman and her somewhat reality defying costume (not in the bad bad way that costumes can get, but beautiful floaty drapes of fabric do still have to obey reality to some degree, even if they fit a character’s theme).

And, as always, all images belong to their respective copyright holders and I am not them (wouldn’t really want the responsibility of managing DC Comics’ copyrights, even if it would bring financial stability). And Escher Girls is the creation of Ami Angelwings and the Escher Girls bingo card belongs to the Escher¬†Girls fan who created it.

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