Escher Cats! – Issue 6!

Knightfall tie-in! Or, Catwoman and animal rights, super-sized edition.

I also enjoy how much genuine affection she has for the group. Catwoman is not much of a team player and doesn't put up with b.s. but she does love good-hearted people.

I do enjoy the fact that both Catwoman and Selina are members of this animal rights group. And that Catwoman tries to cover up that they’re the same person.

I can’t believe I’m going to say this but this issue gets a clean Escher Girls bingo score card. Now, there could be something slightly off with the legs but this is a very action-y pose and Catwoman is launching herself forward in space while holding a bulky object so there really is not anything that sticks out. Not that early Balent-era covers tend to be all that bad, but one or two squares marked off has been seeming the norm for the early run. This one is clean though, if maybe not as clearly related to the issue content as it could be.

The cover is very atmospheric. It just doesn't quite fit (since Catwoman is trying to save animals from toxins and is also willing to help the Bat-family and their aims in the process). But (a) Batman menacing Catwoman does seem to be an occasional cover theme.

I do enjoy the issues where someone has claws to rival Catwoman’s though. Granted, only the little Catwoman below the issue number has her claws popped but it’s still fun.

AzBat does show up at the end (lurking and watching Catwoman is his favourite thing next to popping claws on her covers) and the story is then moved over to two issues of Batman, but this issue does flesh out (or start? the 90s run is kind of all blurred together in my head, especially after my hidden cover cats series, which was not always done in order) this Catwoman’s stance on animal rights and how it figures into her personal moral code and standards of operation. Which is, basically, that Catwoman is very much a (at this point early 90s) environmentalist and her get involved/don’t get involved¬†scale tips very heavily in favour of taking down people who harm animals either directly or indirectly through their activities.

I really enjoy that because it lets her be more than a Bad Bad Girl (granted, this Catwoman in general is much more nuanced than that, even with inconsistent writing/writing quality) and because, quite frankly, I like that my favourite superhero cares about animals like I do. Plus, it mixes in Catwoman and actual cats without trying to overplay the gimmick and brings it up occasionally in the natural course of storytelling (and not ever in the same way – Catwoman: Agent of Greenpeace would be … probably not as sustainable a comic as one that genre and topic hops a bit more) instead of trying to force it.

I'm not sure if "new look" or "cyborg" is better, but this is a fun page. And a nice break before things get serious and the group fractures.

I would talk about the Catwoman film but, instead, have an artist’s rendition of what AzBat looks like.

And that’s it for now. Next up is the conclusion to the AzBat involved storyline and, as always, all images belong to their respective copyright holders and Escher Girls belongs to its creator, Ami Angelwings, and the Escher Girls bingo card belongs to the Escher Girls fan who created it.

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