Escher Cats! – Catwoman #42!

I’m back from the hiatus with, well, a story that has this as its first page. Oh for the early days of Catwoman’s comic and butterfly themed villains with slightly pushed poses and high cut slits in their dresses.

Seriously. I think we understand on our own that our hero and villain are both cat-themed and women. Also, when does Batman get a title reminding us insistently that he and his featured villain are male?

In case it’s not clear, I’m cracking wise about the title and subtitle on this page, not the artwork. The cover itself more than takes care of the quota for … whatever words there are to describe this.

Apparently metal stops behaving like metal when it touches a woman. Or it's secretly some kind of sentient liquid metal lifeform masquerading as a scientific breakthrough.

I think even without reading the issue or seeing the interior art, you can tell this is not actually how Cyber-Cat’s suit functions. And Selina – well, her suit and gravity both seem to not be working correctly here.

This issue … isn’t great. Cyber-Cat has potential (brilliant scientist who doesn’t want her creation stolen away from her and who has goals of her own to pursue – which just so happen to involve revenge on a hero she has a personal grudge against. spoilers for the rest of the story arc, I guess) but she and the story just aren’t as strong on the page as they could be. And the art really does not help either. Catwoman and her facial expressions and fight choreography feel weaker and less delightfully expressive and character filled than they did right out of the gate and both she and Cyber-cat are veering towards the exaggerated, painful, gravity-ignoring style that Jim Balent ended his Catwoman run with.

The constant remind that they’re all, as the comic puts it, “females” isn’t really appealing either and doesn’t make a continuation of the story and an impending conflict between Catwoman, Cyber-cat, and She-cat (yes, there’s another villain waiting in the wings and she drew the short end of the naming stick) as enticing as it could be. So, on to the tally card and then to the next (exciting?) issue.

It was kind of hard deciding what to class something as and then I just thought wow that's a lot of purple, is it going to end up all purple. Alas, Jim Balent, I enjoyed some of your covers well. This is not one of them though.

I think this is the most boxes I have ever checked off for a Catwoman cover since I started using and sharing this system. That’s … not a good thing.

As always, Catwoman and any characters remixing that name so Catwoman can fight them belong to DC Comics, and Escher Girls is the creation of the awesome Ami Angelwings. And the Escher Girls bingo card belongs to the Escher Girls fan who created it.

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