Escher Cats! – Catwoman #39!

Two-Face and Joker follow up on the coin toss’s decision to kill Catwoman from last issue and Penguin decides he’s done with this whole ridiculous affair. And I guess Catwoman is in this too.

She could be off having jungle adventures or over-identifying with a diamond right now. So much lost fun potential.

They’re coming to take your comic away, Selina! Beware! Or just be bored. One of the two.

Spoiler: Joker jumps ship too, saying he’s only interested in Batman. So, this is really Two-Face (and his recruits) try to kill Catwoman, Catwoman finally tries to steal the music box, Batman … shows up in another comic that isn’t Batman. And shows up partially dressed. Again. Oh, and Alfred cooks a pretty good breakfast spread. The toast and crescent rolls (two breads! two!) is probably the highlight of this issue.

Meaning drawing the person and then inking and coloring the costume on.

This cover actually isn’t too bad, even if it’s not a great cover. Her right foot is suffering a case of invisible high heel on a flat footed boot, but that’s about it, other than the usual slight boob sock that comes from this approach to doing superhero costumes.

There is also some weirdness regarding Catwoman’s family (she apparently has a weird shrine in the basement of a decaying building and there is some off dialogue about her mother’s suicide and .. yeah, not a big fan. Plus it also seems to indicate Catwoman’s mother came over from Cuba at a much younger age than otherwise indicated in canon, which also conflicts with the type of household dynamic she was said to grow up with and why her mother committed suicide instead of attempting to leave her husband – in the rest of canon, Catwoman’s mother is only able to remain in the United States in safety and with her daughter because of her marriage to Catwoman’s abusive father, a U.S. citizen), but that’s not so much of interest as it is another moment of letdown with this story, both as a Catwoman story and as a follow up to her own Year One comics (excepting Her Sister’s Keeper).

So, enough of this issue and the final issue of this story next time (huzzah!) and, as always, Catwoman and all her stories of varying quality belong to DC Comics, and Escher Girls is the creation of the awesome Ami Angelwings. And the Escher Girls bingo card belongs to the Escher Girls fan who created it.

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