Escher Cats! – Catwoman #37!

That feeling when your sweet score turns out to be in a lab with weird science going on. Really weird science.

From dogs to cats, eh?

Seriously. Angry lab experiment leopard and angry lab experiment leopard woman.

If I recall correctly, this gives the origin/starter story of an antagonist who shows up later (for double the cat fun! actually, triple. can’t forget cybercat). But mostly it’s a story about Catwoman actually getting her pay day out of a heist. After almost getting killed by weird science.

It's also a little hard to tell that the leopard (person) wrapped around Selina isn't attached to the face looming out of the dark.

Some weird science may also have happened to her body for this cover. It’s not terrible but she seems a bit more bendy than is safe, even for trying to escape, and her breasts seem to be expanding and running away in an attempt to save themselves from the leopard woman.

Catwoman and her comic belong to DC Comics, and Escher Girls is the creation of the awesome Ami Angelwings. And the Escher Girls bingo card belongs to the Escher Girls fan who created it.

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