Escher Cats! – Catwoman #34!

Never ever speak too soon about a storyline from DC Comics in the 1990s not being involved in a crossover event. At least if any character is at least tangentially associated with Batman.

Plus, she already put in her time with the Gotham hit by virus storyline.

Granted, it is basically a walk-on role and it doesn’t happen in this issue, but can a girl not even have a story arc alone with her best villain?

I may have spoke too soon, but Hellhound definitely isn’t done speaking to (at? in the vicinity of?) Catwoman and this is actually a pretty decent issue, even if the next two (yes, four-issue story arc for everybody’s not-favourite knife-clad dog-named antagonist) are at least technically part of the Batman: Legacy crossover/storyline. Mostly by virtue of Catwoman and Hellhound getting locked up by Ras Al Ghul and having to work together to escape. Which is honestly basically how involved they are in Batman: Legacy other than the batfamily also borrowing some pages from Catwoman for story and promotional reasons.

Seriously. Hellhound looks oddly pleased given that he's going to end up getting the short end of the stick too.

Who knew an animal-themed cowl could look so smug.

Hellhound's expression is priceless.

And then there was that time a former member of the Order of Dumas tried to pinch Catwoman’s butt and got decked.

Seriously. Not unless one of the fish is having anatomy issues.

And then that time there wasn’t anything to check off on the Escher Girls Bingo bingo card.

More of this gang, who all belong to DC Comics (not me) next time, and Escher Girls is the creation of the awesome Ami Angelwings. And the Escher Girls bingo card belongs to the Escher Girls fan who created it.

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