Escher Cats! – Catwoman #31!

It’s snowsuit season in Catwoman land! Unless you’re Robin. Or Azrael. Or Alfred. Or Batman. Still plenty of all-white winter wear to go around though, and the start of what is pretty clearly a crossover event (or, rather, Catwoman’s participation in it in her own book).

Wait, you mean that isn't what that is? Could've fooled me.

Batfamily assemble? Also, I’m not sure how in touch with reality this cover actually is. But having a hoverboard made of snowy mountainside is pretty cool.

Unlike other Catwoman (character and title) involved crossovers up until this point, this one really kind of requires you to have read the other titles involved in the event for it to make sense. It’s still possible to mostly get it (Catwoman/Robin team-up, Azrael sent to baby-sit Robin, trying to grab a guy who’s important and who also comes with a big pay-off), but you’ll still be missing something because this is not a stand-alone issue within an event. A lot of Contagion plot has already happened and a lot of the issue is other characters doing their own thing within that plot so … fair warning.

It’s also not an issue that particularly excites or delights me but it is, again, rather heavily entrenched in a batbook-wide event and that could at least partly explain the so-so nature of Catwoman’s narrative boxes this issue. And snowsuits do at least partly make up for it. Plus Azrael and Catwoman not-bonding over how much they both like Robin.

Seriously. They show Batman doing it later on in the issue too. Also, at this point, Robin is getting motherhenned by a cat, a bat, and an .... Azbat.

Well, we certainly know who Azrael picked up that disappearing act from.

And now for the ranking. Although there is no checkbox for inexplicable hoverboard chunk of mountain. Or one for Catwoman’s body being twisted and shattered by the cold.

Or this is a pivoting turret/surveillance device disguised as Catwoman.

This was a little hard to hard, but I think Catwoman succeeded in hitting centaur pose here. And in suffering a tragic, cold-induced neck injury.

As always, crossovers that lead to crossovers that lead to crossovers that lead to crossovers (and Catwoman and her comics) belong to DC Comics, not me, and Escher Girls is the creation of the awesome Ami Angelwings. And the Escher Girls bingo card belongs to the Escher Girls fan who created it.

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