Escher Cats! – Catwoman #30!

Part three of three of the team-up adventure and somebody got a mech-suit! Or, rather, the team got someone with a mech-suit foisted on them.

Balent seems to be getting a hold of his cover art again here, although Catwoman and Slyfox are suffering a little sideways torso. Maybe it's all the air and gravity they're fighting against on their ways down.

So it goes when you’re in a semi-forced team-up to begin with. Although this team actually has really good chemistry and skills … aside from Slyfox. Except for when you need someone loud and brash as a distraction. Then he’s perfect.

This issue gets back to the cooler covers and to the better side of Balent’s art (minus what I discuss below) and, again, I actually really kind of like this ad hoc group and Catwoman’s involvement with me. Even if that does mean Slyfox comes along for the ride (which statement he’d probably try to turn into an innuendo that he thinks will get him somewhere with someone). I’m not going to give spoilers though so, on to the scorecard and, of all things, giving Slyfox some attention and care when it comes to art gone wrong.

I'm also not sure Slyfox still has all his internal organs.

I wasn’t quite sure what to mark for this, but I think Catwoman’s and Slyfox’s problems can be summed up by a little too much tightness in their suits and a little too much looseness in how their spines seem to work.

As always, the Catwoman comics belong to DC Comics, not me, and Escher Girls is the creation of the awesome Ami Angelwings. And the Escher Girls bingo card belongs to the Escher Girls fan who created it.

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