Escher Cats! – Catwoman #27!

I am not sure there is a better intro to this issue than the title page.

Or even the cover by Hot Butter.  Who had an international hit with their cover of the song Popcorn.

Grodspell. Grodspell. The pun is too good not to enjoy, although we are not going to be seeing Catwoman in patched overalls or singing Day by Day.

The writing and narrative voice on this issue isn’t totally there for me, but I do enjoy the fact that Catwoman got away with what comes off as more of a one-shot story in her own book and universe than a mandated company-wide event tie-in issue.

Although I guess he's pleased at taking over DC Comics for a while.

Plus it means I only have to see Neron for a page or two. That grin is not a grin I need to be seeing.

And the conclusion is suitably Catwoman-y and also entertaining.

Also the fact that, even though she assessed the value at the beginning of the issue, Catwoman plans on keeping it ... as a paperweight. I feel like the fact that it's the key to a kingdom and has caused so much strife is what's behind her change of interest in it.

Extremely surprised gorilla in a hat and overcoat is a nice aesthetic. Plus the next page takes place back in his own land, where he explains that having a good leader chosen because of that goodness is better than one chosen because they possess a trinket.

And now I have to get to the cover … which could be fun and King Kong-esque (very nice for a post going up on Halloween) but … the art is really showing problems here, I think in part due to changes in the colouring process and paperstock.

Which means it's also not all Balent's fault. But it does help indicate how much the rest of the people involved on the art could affect the relative proportions of good Balent/bad Balent art.

This … kind of goes beyond basically understanding the form you’re drawing and having issues because you ink the clothes over it instead of drawing the clothes as an additional layer first.

Seriously. This isn't even a painted on costume either. It was suctioned on and caused painful swelling and shine.

I … had a hard time deciding on this one because there isn’t a square for “I’m horrified and in pain just looking at this” and “I think she broke her neck trying to do this pose.”

Hopefully this Catwoman cover is the scariest thing you’ve encountered tonight and, as always, the Catwoman comics belong to DC Comics, not me, and Escher Girls is the creation of the awesome Ami Angelwings. And the Escher Girls bingo card belongs to the Escher Girls fan who created it.

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