Escher Cats! – Catwoman #23!

Finally back with the continuation of the cursed dagger story and … I really have no explanation for this cover other the ladies having developed anti-gravity powers in between issues.

There are pose problems but it's also just oddly boring for a cover that should play to Balent's (at least at one point) strengths with dynamic poses and very expressive faces, especially for conflict scenes.

Seriously. They’re meant to be viciously and dangerously fighting (although at least on Catwoman’s end with the intent to ‘not’ kill her opponent if possible) but even for being caught mid-leap they both look more like they swung in on invisible ropes. Or on some of the lines marking the paths of bullets.

Seriously. He might occasionally break legs for action poses and lose some waist to shading (which I think happened on the cover) but how is her torso so long in that one panel??

I was originally flipping through the issue to refresh myself on the story and see if there were any interesting tidbits I could share. I’m not sure this is interesting so much as horrifying, although on the previous page someone said “The woman!” in response to Catwoman showing up, so either the island has an all male population or Catwoman’s reputation ‘really’ precedes her.

I am still slightly flabbergasted by the stretched out rubberband look of Catwoman on that far right panel, and there is still one issue left in the story arc, so without further ado, my best attempt at rating the cover.

Alas for her waist, for it was lost in a blinding light.

There wasn’t a square for “suddenly acquired anti-grav high heels and invisible swinging ropes” so I went for “agony of the feet” and also, for once, went for “organless torso.” Normally I don’t mark it, even though Catwoman can get somewhat stretched at times, but Balent reeaallly whittled her down her. Partly I think just to include the thick shading/glow lines.

That said, however, I am oddly amused by the grinning henchman with the sunglasses and “Have a happy life” smiley-face t-shirt in the last page of the issue.

Yeah, spoilers I guess. Next issue is a bit of a tragic bloodbath. Cursed family dagger and all. Or just a dagger that shows off really toxic family dynamics.

I do hope he gets out before the events of the next issue though. Or his shirt is going to be really ironic.

As always, Catwoman’s ever changing figure and the Catwoman comics themselves belong to DC Comics, not me, and Escher Girls is the creation of the awesome Ami Angelwings. And the Escher Girls bingo card belongs to the Escher Girls fan who created it.

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