End of the Month Wrap-Up Post!

Haven’t done one of these in forever and my work is still … making it very difficult for me to survive (in the name of efficiency and best practices of course), but head below the cut for what I want to do if things can pick up enough for me to hang around that long (and get to put in the time-intense labour on what I want to do too).

The transformation of my personal circumstances into a total sinking ship means I am quite behind on current comics (and honestly I’d probably have a panic attack, partly induced by guilt, if I tried going back into the comic shop I was frequenting before) and not liable to catch up soon. Helped/aided by all the crossover events and ending and starting series that were going on.

So/but I was kind of interested in veering out onto other topics anyways ‘and’ luck and kindness of strangers willing regarding my staying housed and some degree of fed, I really want to try to do some movie vs. book analysis and some games analysis on here. Specifically about good narrative work in games and about varying qualities of adaptations and what kind of tweaks happen to characters and stories and ‘why’. Translated into other words – wow are the Peter Jackson adaptations of Lord of the Rings (and The Hobbit) really uncomfortable with extremely close and intense relationships between men and did they seriously just pass the Dunlendings off as a single shot of “wildmen” played by extras with “gross” false teeth and dirty makeup?? And seem to pass the Rohirrim having taken their land and driven them out as something made up and that Saruman was just perpetuating as a lie?? And also, wow, even for something rather insistent on Sticking To The Lore, the MMORPG based on the books does a much better job of handling both.

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