End of the Month Wrap-Up Post!

A prolonger viral infection that went for the lungs really did not help my month any, but I did still (belatedly) get my new weekly post series going, so there’s that. 🙂 And wrap-up post under the cut, with what may or may not happen in the coming month discussed in it. 🙂

Yeah, my choice of read more images is not great at the moment.

Things are ‘not’ going well right now, so have a hysterically laughing (former)bomb bot.

  •  Escher Cats! – Due to the aforementioned viral infection and other things I had to catch up on these at the last minute but I am quite happy with them, and it was very helpful to get to write again. I’m planning on continuing this feature, hopefully with closer to a weekly schedule and with a similar mix of shorter posts and longer ones with more context for and discussion of the issue (or story arc) in question.
  • Mech Suits of the 90s – I think this one is just going to fall to the wayside. If by some miracle I don’t have to drop out of the Comics Arts Conference (which would be a blow I decidedly do ‘not’ need right now) I’m going to need to be putting all my energy in March into trip arrangements and working on the presentation for that so I think an article as involved as this one would be is out of the question.
  • Wondercon! – It’s unfortunately too late now for a post series on this (the hotels filled up rather quickly once finally posted, so a guide on how to do that isn’t of great use and I just don’t have the energy to do posts on related topics at this point and, if I have to drop out, it would just be an added blow to be writing about attending when I’m not and when my chances of being accepted again in the future would be shot by having to drop out this year), so it’s also out of the running.
  • Gaming! – This really depends on my energy levels and how I’m feeling (between work shenanigans and the Virus of Doom we’re financially doomed for March without help and without taking into consideration Comic Arts Conference, which we’d be leaving for on April 1), but I kind of want to make at least one post about it. I enjoy playing MMORPGs and also use playing them to help regulate my stress levels and how often I get tripped over into a migraine and I’ve been trying to take care of the migraine thing as best I can recently (I realized I’d completely dropped off on doing things like that and that it coincided with my ending up with chains of migraine days) so I’ve ended up trying out (and quitting) one game and returning to another. Of course, I’d also need to feel up to talking about gaming mechanics and toxic game environments. But that idea’s there. 🙂

And I think that’s it. Really, we need to be able to pay bills and rent in March and I really need to be able to do Comics Arts Conference – Wondercon the first weekend of April and not have to back out of the only professional thing I can do. And to get my presentation done in time if people help out enough for us to still go. And deal with work (which will be ugly again next month). So, only real guarantee is more Catwoman posts, since I’m having quite a lot of fun with those. 🙂

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