End of the Month Wrap-Up Post!

I am so tired I should probably be giving off sparks, but, even if I haven’t gotten to post a lot this month, I wanted to get back to a regular style end of the month post. So, head below the cut for … mostly what I had planned to do and/or start this month. 🙂

Seriously. I totally would if flopping like that wouldn't trash my dodgy knees.

Sometimes you just don’t have the energy for doing more than dropping in a gif of Transformers Prime Megatron collapsing like you wish you could.

Upcoming Posts!

  • I basically wrapped up my Sunday Fun Day – Where’s Waldo? Jim Balent Catwoman Style posts last month, barring sudden breakthroughs on the unsolved covers, so all that’s left is –
  • Sunday Fun Day – Where’s Waldo? Jim Balent Catwoman Style Special Feature! – I know I have at least one book with a Jim Balent drawn cover that wan’t part of the regular 90s Catwoman series, so look for a cover post on Catwoman Vampirella. With, hopefully, added commentary about the issue since it is a longer/special one (it’s not an Elsewords but it is a thin paperback, not a regular comic single issue).
  • Mech Suits of the 90s! – It will be a ‘lot’ of work if I do it (both story-arcs I’d want to pull and compare images from are multi-issue), but, as a nod/thank-you to the Bikini Armour Battle Damage blog I wanted to compare the art/suit styling on Catwoman’s 90s foe Cyber-Cat with a mech suit wearing male character from the same series and same artist. I was originally just going to run through the special version of Bingo the BABD blog has up, but then I thought of examining Cyber-Cat’s outfit more and of finding a comparative to put it side by side with. And what better comparative than a male character appearing in the very same comic in the same era and with the same category of costume?
  • Escher Cats! – I really want to continue on with a regular feature starring my favourite superhero, so I had the thought that I could run through the Balent-era covers again but in order and with the aim of evaluating them using the Escher Girls Bingo card a fan of that (excellent) blog came up with. I might also include a reread (or read – I try to wait until I have a physical copy of the issues before reading, but the 90s series can be hard to track down) and review of each issue, but that does make the posts even more involved and time and energy consuming so I’ll have to see. But I am interested in how the Bingo scores change over the course of Balent’s run and how the nature of the Escher Girl occurrences change. Because, as I’ve mentioned before, sometimes Balent pushes poses and breaks legs for reasons of dynamic posing and character expressiveness (on both male and female characters) and sometimes he does those things in an attempt at sexiness. So this would be a more organized, formal way of trying to chart those changes. Also, Escher Cats is just sounding better and better as a name and not just because I’m mentally overtaxed due to work finally picking back up and trying to cram in hours the last few days of the month. 🙂
  • Wondercon! – It’s distressingly uncertain as to whether I’ll be able to attend or not and I really do ‘not’ want to have to drop out now that I know I’ve been accepted into the Comics Arts Conference at Wondercon ‘but’ I do still have an interest in doing some kind of post series about how to do Wondercon. I did not make special note of the carpeting and acoustics in the hotels last year for nothing (well, for the one I stayed at and the one that is also extremely close to the convention center and has more of a food court). 😉
  • Probably maybe Transformers related stuff and other comics-related things? – 2015 did not start off great for me so I’m slightly out of the loop but I think the first issue of Spider-Gwen is in February? The first issue of Squirrel Girl was this month and I did not get the chance to write a post on it but I did enjoy it. Greatly. 🙂

I am sure there are probably other things, but I’m running out of time left in the month and, again, my system is way over-taxed from trying to power work just to meet minimum hours (work did a major overhaul and cut available work load while doing it so … not particularly awesome for me), so this is probably good enough. 🙂

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