End of the Month Wrap-Up Post!

I am totally beat (which is unfortunately a semi-permanent state at this point) and am going to need a lot of help to get through the next month, but I wanted to continue doing this feature. πŸ™‚ It’s a good way for me to let everyone know what might be coming up in the next month in terms of content and it also helps me generate (or try to revive) ideas and then check on progress when I make the next month’s wrap-up post. πŸ™‚ So, head below the cut to find out what’s coming up in November (provided the utilities stay on, of course. otherwise it’s the darkest timeline for me).

He's still totally serious bizness though. And now I want to rewatch the zombie episode. Transformers Prime and Starscream are both excellent.

I actually have this specifically saved due to work-work feelings. It’s also hilarious because he ends up discovering the magic of adorable animal gifs and image manips.

Upcoming posts! (subject to change of course, especially if, you know, the power and internet get cut off)

  • So You Want to Watch a Transformers TV Show -This was on last month’s list, but just did not happen. I’m still interested in it though and have now finished watching Transformers Armada, so I can give a better review of that. Unfortunately that means I’ve started in on Transformers Energon.
  • Seriously. It's just so very not good. And totally undid everything Starscream was and did in Armada (spoilers: he was really decent and nice and heroically sacrificed himself at the end).
  • Maybe, definitely some stuff about IDW’s More Than Meets the Eye? I’m really, really impressed with this series and, well, the new “projects” section of this feature should explain just how interested I am. πŸ™‚ Due to time, energy, and the stress of impending potential doom I’ll probably be focused on the project itself and its deadline, but I might also post some about the series here and more so if I can have the stressors eased off of me.
  • How Do You Wondercon – working title for something I’ve wanted to do since I came back from Wondercon this year, but which I think has perfect timing now, since things are just starting to warm up for Wondercon. Basically, I want to do a series of posts answering the kind of questions I’ve had about con going and hadn’t been able to find information for and just otherwise generally put people at ease and give them helpfull tips for deciding whether or not to do Wondercon (or a con in general) and, if so, how to do it.
  • My weekly Jim Balent Catwoman posts, which I unfortunately wasn’t quite able to catch up on, although that does mean the feature will run for a little longer than it would otherwise. πŸ™‚

Upcoming Projects!

  • Comics Arts Conference Wondercon! – This unfortunately requires a lot of planning (in case anyone is going why are you doing this when your circumstances are so bad right now?? which hopefully no one is), but also – it requires a lot of planning ahead and I’m really excited about it, even with circumstances as they are. My malfunctioning keyboard means I’m going to cut this short, but, basically, the Transformers comics have been getting a heck of a lot more awesome when it comes to inclusivity and accessibility, so I’m planning on doing a freaking cool presentation onΒ both Sarah Stone’s artwork for Windlbade (and her guest spots elsewhere, including the issue of Robots in Disguise I reviewed last month) and on the writing and world set up and character what-not of More Than Meets the Eye, with a special focus on gender and relationships for that one. Of course, if James Roberts kills off Cyclonus or Tailgate (or Whirl!) or otherwise messes up my plans (and my feelings, oh boy would they be messed up), then I will have … trouble. But hopefully that’s not the case and I will get to do a third year in the row of shaking up the Comics Arts Conference with a bit more unusual fare and flair (does shoving an orange hoodie over my usual presentation outfit of corset and skirt count as flair? or just that I was super chilly waiting in the hall for my panel to open up? πŸ˜› ).

And I may have possibly forgotten something, but that’s all for now (especially as I had to go back and edit to add things once I could use all my letter keys on the keyboard again. argh.). πŸ™‚

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