It’s new! It’s improved! It has less words but more exclamation points! It’s my new donation page!

For all you cool people interested in keeping me writing (and keeping my bills paid – the two are kind of directly related :P), here’s the lowdown, now complete with a web site widget.

Patreon! – All-New All-Different … Patreon page! If you’re interested in and able to give me continued support for my writing efforts, this is the your one-stop place to go. I tend to put out at least four paid posts per month and Patreon allows you to put a cap on the total amount you pledge each month. Meaning, you will never be charged more than you have budgeted for. Accepts international currency and has nifty goals and jokes. Also responsible for that widget hanging out under all my posts now.

Venmo! – Alas, they can only handle United States Dollars (USD) and they are no longer my preferred one time tip jar choice, but they are still an option. Especially if you have any concerns about privacy/security. You can put anything in the first and last name blanks. Seriously. You could have Delicious Pizza send me the cost of a pizza, for example (terrible jokes are too terrible to resist :P).

Paypal! – I almost skipped the exclamation point for this one, but this is a very reliable one time tip jar option and it takes international currency. Nothing fancy and it’s attached to an e-mail account that’s not really used anymore by my partner (so nice try spam bots and other unfun denizens of the internet), so just put ittousagi AT hotmail DOT com as the e-mail address when using Paypal’s site to send money.

And thank all of you for any and all donations! They and you are both very helpful and very meaningful to me!

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