Save Our Apartment! Get More Posts!

Skipping the preamble – my partner and I need $1200 by Friday July 8 or we will be evicted (and then sued for the rent money we still won’t have) on Sunday July 10. Technically the money could be turned in first thing Sunday but all of it needs to be transferred and in the bank before then and the check given to the landlord ASAP.

The eviction notice was delivered this morning (Tuesday, July 5) and includes the remaining rent from last month, as well as this month’s rent and fees (including probably $30 for the sheet of printer paper the notice is on). Flat out we do not and will not have this money in time. My partner’s first paycheck after over a month of full-time work as an in-home Direct Service Provider (two weeks of it unpaid, with fees to be deducted from the first two paychecks) all went to other bills to avoid having utilities shut off and to avoid having him without the car, car insurance, gasoline, and phone service required in order to keep and perform his job, and the next paycheck, to be picked up this Friday (although only part of it will be available til next week – the bank apparently doesn’t trust the company enough to make the entire deposit available at once), will also be going towards working down and evening up the non-rent bills so that we, again, don’t lose utilities or his job.

In case it isn’t clear, he will also lose his job if we lose the apartment, which is what will happen without help.

We have at least been lucky in that so far his schedule has never changed (and it does change often, with often little notice) in a way that leaves us completely unable to visit the food bank in a given week, but everything is literally going into paying and catching up on our bills and into keeping and performing his job and that leaves us not just without the ability to buy groceries but also without the ability to catch up on the rent and come out even. And now we get to either come out even or die.

So, first off – thank you so so much to anyone who reads this and shares it and extra big thanks to anyone who is able to donate. Y’all are awesome. And, second, if you are able to donate, you can donate via Paypal using ittousagi AT hotmail DOT com as the e-mail address. And – any size donation helps. Seriously. A number of stairs can turn into a staircase, but you can’t have a staircase without any stairs, which is my way of saying even the smallest donation is genuinely appreciated and helpful.

Thirdly, I don’t know how this will actually go given my health and partner’s schedule (and the fact that my website is up for renewal this month and I may not end up able to pay the yearly renewal costs), but if you head below the cut I will give a breakdown of some potential post ideas I have coming up for the writing I do on my website for my Patreon (and for everybody – all of my articles are free to everyone, but the Patreon is a nice tip in the jar).

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End of the Month Wrap-Up Post!

A prolonger viral infection that went for the lungs really did not help my month any, but I did still (belatedly) get my new weekly post series going, so there’s that. 🙂 And wrap-up post under the cut, with what may or may not happen in the coming month discussed in it. 🙂

Yeah, my choice of read more images is not great at the moment.

Things are ‘not’ going well right now, so have a hysterically laughing (former)bomb bot.

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End of the Month Wrap-Up Post!

I am so tired I should probably be giving off sparks, but, even if I haven’t gotten to post a lot this month, I wanted to get back to a regular style end of the month post. So, head below the cut for … mostly what I had planned to do and/or start this month. 🙂

Seriously. I totally would if flopping like that wouldn't trash my dodgy knees.

Sometimes you just don’t have the energy for doing more than dropping in a gif of Transformers Prime Megatron collapsing like you wish you could.

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Homeless for the Holidays, Redux (Donation Post – URGENT)

Soooo, this post was supposed to happen a lot sooner and be a more upbeat, happier thank you, with updates on how we’re doing and maybe something about what posts were coming up soon (since more of my writing is the only thing I can really offer besides just actual thank yous and doing my best to recover from everything that’s been happening). However, well, we’ve basically been having the kind of luck that would make a younger me very certain that the universe was trying to punish her and it’s all been capped off by the car being towed away, presumably for repossession, during the night. So, we need help again. Still. And a whole heck of a lot of it.

(added a “read more” cut because, well, stuff happened. and kept happening, and I wanted to explain a bit)

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End of the Month Wrap-Up Post!

This has been a rather … interesting month and, unfortunately, one capped off with a rather serious head injury that is going to badly mess up my paycheck for the month and a rejection on the only actual job prospect my partner had. But, head below the cut for what I may have lined up for the coming month. 🙂

Admittedly though, I'm probably more like Misfire. Drift's a bit too organized religion for me. Plus, Misfire is totally right about the Necrobot existing. :P

Ehhh. Next month is December and I wanted sparkles and spirit. So have some Drift in a flashback. 🙂 (More than Meets the Eye #31)

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Homeless for the Holidays (Donation Post – URGENT)

This is an odd post to write because I am basically trying to make a case for my life at this point and a) that is something no one should ‘ever’ have to do (I am so, so worn out and beaten down by life right now, but I will still glare you into the ground if you even dare say that those who are unable to work or can only work part-time or otherwise don’t meet your criteria for societal usefulness and acceptability don’t deserve to live and live without struggle) b) it is bizarrely, sickly funny to me because I’ve survived so long and through so much terrible stuff and it may be finally having gotten (mostly – life is complicated, yo) out that kills me. And you know what? Recent months may have trashed my mental health and gotten me closer to suicidal than I’ve ever been (which, knowing my backstory, since it’s, well, mine, is … well, it’s something), but I still freaking want to live. I just don’t have enough fight left in me and it’s a struggle to try to write this, both for how much it exposes me and for how hopeless the situation seems (also because I still have to try to muster the energy and focus to do my work, even though I may be … out of the picture in two weeks). Also because, regardless of how much fight I have in me, you can’t turn fight into dollars and that’s the only thing that can save my partner and I right now.

So, basically, we need help and need help fast. And Ami Angelwings of the awesome comic art critique and humour site Escher Girls has been so so helpful the past few months in signal boosting and promoting us as we tried to stay afloat in a rapidly degrading situation brought about by long-term unemployment (my partner) and being low-income and disabled (me), but she’s finally tapped out in terms of finding people who haven’t already donated and I really don’t have any other avenues available to me. All I can do is take the risk of writing this post and then ask people I know much less well than Ami to share it and hope it spreads from there and actually works. [read more cut to try to make this seem less terrifyingly long, although I am already posting it on my site, not on Tumblr, for that reason]

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End of the Month Wrap-Up Post!

I am totally beat (which is unfortunately a semi-permanent state at this point) and am going to need a lot of help to get through the next month, but I wanted to continue doing this feature. 🙂 It’s a good way for me to let everyone know what might be coming up in the next month in terms of content and it also helps me generate (or try to revive) ideas and then check on progress when I make the next month’s wrap-up post. 🙂 So, head below the cut to find out what’s coming up in November (provided the utilities stay on, of course. otherwise it’s the darkest timeline for me).

He's still totally serious bizness though. And now I want to rewatch the zombie episode. Transformers Prime and Starscream are both excellent.

I actually have this specifically saved due to work-work feelings. It’s also hilarious because he ends up discovering the magic of adorable animal gifs and image manips.

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Sunday Fun Day: Where’s Waldo, Jim Balent Catwoman Style (Week Thirteen)

I have unfortunately been out of commission when it comes to writing (and somewhat with my regular job as well), but I am back this week with the first of two catch-up posts featuring our (or at least my 🙂 ) favourite superhero, Catwoman. This time Catwoman meets Robin (or, at least, ‘a’ Robin) and has an adventure in a house that wouldn’t be entirely out of place in a Steven King novel. Also, Catwoman tries to re-enact Godzilla (Grodzilla?) and I’m not the only to try being pun-y.

I was trying to give hints about the what the pun was referencing, but I'm not sure they helped.

I told you it was pun-y. Unfortunately I don’t think the issue involves Catwoman, Grodd, and others dressing up as hippies and singing about God. Also, check out the credits box in the bottom left corner.

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