Deep Dive: Where Sharks Bite Back With Facts

The top month for horror films is coming up, it’s still plenty hot out where I am (and thus beach weather if there were beaches), and I am here to offer a preview of my next big post series and also ask for some much needed help so I can not only keep writing (and be able to finish what is going to be a biiiig, research and writing intensive series), but so that my partner and I can both stay housed and so that my partner does not lose his job.

Since this requires a description of both our situation and needs (which I will list first – this is going to be a long post when I’m done, folks) and what I’m going to write about and why, it’s time for a page break. And a page break image, of course.

Also, seriously, did we need all those adjectives on the poster? Not to mention sharks are already smart and mean is misapplied. Also what on earth type of shark is that supposed to be?? :P

I prefer to be as serious as the science in Deep Blue Sea, but we are in a potentially deadly situation (very hot climate and very anti-homeless locale if the eviction and subsequent job loss do happen).

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