A Highly Recommended Terrible Idea: Transformers More Than Meets The Eye (2012-2016)/Transformers Lost Light (2016-)

Are you looking for a new comic series to start reading? Or looking for a pile of finished trade paperbacks to pick up and read over the holidays? Do you not know I like using question marks and tangling people in my thought spirals? Did I just insult one of your favourite comic series if you already know which one I’m talking about?

The first two answers are all up to you, dear readers (and so is the third, come to think of it), but the answer to the final one is … nope. In fact, I am about to try the gargantuan, though maybe not Galactus-sized, task of recommending four plus years of a Transformers comic series to a non-Transformers audience. Just in time for that series to start a new season (yes, it comes in seasons) with a new number one issue.

In case the title wasn’t fair warning though (and it probably wasn’t), this post is most likely going to be long, and recommending and describing this series is not going to be simple. Starting with the fact that I am recommending a series that leads you to the ever increasing realization that the starting premise was a terrible, terrible idea. The worst of ideas. And yet you end up really liking the characters who came up with the idea and went along with it and enjoy following along on their adventures.

Yeah. Awkward.

There are other pages I really wanted to share (the original argument, plus the preceding page of this argument, for example) but - control, control, control.

I seriously think the alternate title for the series could have been/could be Transformers: Bumblebee Was Totally Absolutely Right. [The Death of Optimus Prime]

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Escher Cats! – Catwoman #50!

In case anyone forgot what kind of quality writing and character work we’d be getting into with Catwoman’s big number 50 for her first solo series (and I won’t blame you if you have – a) it’s kinder to forget b) this post series has been on hiatus), this is the actual last line from from Catwoman #50:

“As for me, even if I never figure out who I am and why, at least I know what i am … A sleek and stealthy shadow shadow-cat, savoring the spice of night.”

Ah yes, the spice of night. Probably what made Catwoman forget who she is and why she does what she does … or maybe that was just the writer, trying to have an “interesting” angle on her.

The answer is a lot. Although Batman is possibly the funniest, followed by Robin. Even Joker seems to be pain laughing.

It’s kindest on yourself if you don’t try to make that cybernetic cat suit make sense. Instead, try figuring out how many of the characters on the cover look like they’re in pain and/or extremely grumpy due to being associated with this issue.

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The Only Queer In The Galaxy

Sometimes, with the benefit of time and distance and the clarity of deep calm thought, you come to realize that … Seriously, what even were they trying to do with this miserable excuse for same gender romance inclusion???

Or, in other words, forgive the lack of screencaps and head below the cut for my thoughts on writing same-gender romance in gaming after revisiting Star Wars: The Old Republic Rise of the Hutt Cartel.

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Deep Dive: Where Sharks Bite Back With Facts

The top month for horror films is coming up, it’s still plenty hot out where I am (and thus beach weather if there were beaches), and I am here to offer a preview of my next big post series and also ask for some much needed help so I can not only keep writing (and be able to finish what is going to be a biiiig, research and writing intensive series), but so that my partner and I can both stay housed and so that my partner does not lose his job.

Since this requires a description of both our situation and needs (which I will list first – this is going to be a long post when I’m done, folks) and what I’m going to write about and why, it’s time for a page break. And a page break image, of course.

Also, seriously, did we need all those adjectives on the poster? Not to mention sharks are already smart and mean is misapplied. Also what on earth type of shark is that supposed to be?? :P

I prefer to be as serious as the science in Deep Blue Sea, but we are in a potentially deadly situation (very hot climate and very anti-homeless locale if the eviction and subsequent job loss do happen).

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When Bad Mechanics Do Good: Lord of the Rings Online, Session Play, and Empathy

So, for once, I do not think I need to reassure you, dear readers, that I don’t really mean that something is 100% very bad no good but rather that, if you understood every word I wrote in the title, I a) am absolutely serious b) definitely do understand the … fraught feelings us LOTRO (Lord of the Rings Online) players have towards session play quests.

I have kicked the leeches. I have kicked the leeches more than once and am sure I will again. And yet – I do also have a certain fondness for session play and a desire for it to stick around as an occasional mechanic. And I also, as this article will show, think it can be used to really great purpose and effect.

Unsurprisingly, I also like epic battles. Quite a bit. But, that masochism aside (I kid, I kid, but kidding is more fun than serious answers 😛 ), it’s time to head below the “read more” cut for a discussion of consent, choice, Isildur (and his descendants) kind of being a big time jerk, point of view, empathy, and how LOTRO chooses to engage with the Paths of the Dead section of its source material.

There's also a stealthed burglar somewhere in this screencap.

Shrew’s eye view heading north in the Dead Marshes.

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Escher Cats! – Catwoman #49!

I looked into the abyss and haven’t been able to look away since. Seriously. the cover for part two of this two parter isn’t covered in literal spiders but instead in terrible anatomy defying contortions. Also, since last issue was the octopus tentacle … whatever one wants to call it last issue, apparently this time it’s spiders. Or at least spider-women.

Selina too but dang spiderlady your body just does not look right.

Your kink is not my kink. Also I think Morella needs a chiropractor.

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Escher Cats! – Catwoman #48!

For the sake of my readers I am going to skip having an image before the cut because if you have spider issues, this issue’s cover is not for you. It’s really, really not. Maximum tarantulas per inch kind of not.

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Escher Cats! – Catwoman #47

The unfortunate thing about a two-part story is that it gives the artist another chance at making a cover worthy of Escher Girls. And oh is this one ever worthy.

I think She-Cat is laughing because she got off easiest. Most of her bodey is blocked by the building she's climbing? hanging onto?

Apparently Catwoman has an anti-gravity butt and Two-Face is just two legs fused at a right angle directly below his rib cage.

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Escher Cats! – Catwoman #46!

After a month’s hiatus for my Pride Month Post Party and then a series of local power and internet outages, I and my Escher Cats feature are back with … more Doug Moench penned Catwoman issues. Apparently Two-Face doesn’t like starch on his clothes.

You think I'm kidding? You'll wish I was kidding. Oh 90s.

He’s also breaking out of prison and planning crimes against shirts.

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Save Our Apartment! Get More Posts!

Skipping the preamble – my partner and I need $1200 by Friday July 8 or we will be evicted (and then sued for the rent money we still won’t have) on Sunday July 10. Technically the money could be turned in first thing Sunday but all of it needs to be transferred and in the bank before then and the check given to the landlord ASAP.

The eviction notice was delivered this morning (Tuesday, July 5) and includes the remaining rent from last month, as well as this month’s rent and fees (including probably $30 for the sheet of printer paper the notice is on). Flat out we do not and will not have this money in time. My partner’s first paycheck after over a month of full-time work as an in-home Direct Service Provider (two weeks of it unpaid, with fees to be deducted from the first two paychecks) all went to other bills to avoid having utilities shut off and to avoid having him without the car, car insurance, gasoline, and phone service required in order to keep and perform his job, and the next paycheck, to be picked up this Friday (although only part of it will be available til next week – the bank apparently doesn’t trust the company enough to make the entire deposit available at once), will also be going towards working down and evening up the non-rent bills so that we, again, don’t lose utilities or his job.

In case it isn’t clear, he will also lose his job if we lose the apartment, which is what will happen without help.

We have at least been lucky in that so far his schedule has never changed (and it does change often, with often little notice) in a way that leaves us completely unable to visit the food bank in a given week, but everything is literally going into paying and catching up on our bills and into keeping and performing his job and that leaves us not just without the ability to buy groceries but also without the ability to catch up on the rent and come out even. And now we get to either come out even or die.

So, first off – thank you so so much to anyone who reads this and shares it and extra big thanks to anyone who is able to donate. Y’all are awesome. And, second, if you are able to donate, you can donate via Paypal using ittousagi AT hotmail DOT com as the e-mail address. And – any size donation helps. Seriously. A number of stairs can turn into a staircase, but you can’t have a staircase without any stairs, which is my way of saying even the smallest donation is genuinely appreciated and helpful.

Thirdly, I don’t know how this will actually go given my health and partner’s schedule (and the fact that my website is up for renewal this month and I may not end up able to pay the yearly renewal costs), but if you head below the cut I will give a breakdown of some potential post ideas I have coming up for the writing I do on my website for my Patreon (and for everybody – all of my articles are free to everyone, but the Patreon is a nice tip in the jar).

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