It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s the author of this site!

I almost just copied over my new Patreon about page for this but, as entertaining as that is (perfect use of the I Starscream meme is not to be passed up), I thought my site should get an about page of its very own.

So, without further ado –

I am still an independent media scholar, now thoroughly specializing in comics (and other geeky media. but I jumped into comics scholarship so hard I think I’m made of Kirby dots now). But I am unfortunately retired from conference going for the foreseeable future. Both years I presented at Comics Arts Conference (a yearly feature of both Wondercon and San Diego Comicon) were amazing experiences but the momentum I was building that way (plus the just plain awesome time I was having both times) got derailed and then crushed by life circumstances, so this site is my scholarship for now.

Which is actually pretty darn fine by me. Especially since part of my original impetus for starting this project was that publish or die was really, really not working out for me. It’s rough regardless, but the fact that it doesn’t pay is even harder when the income isn’t there to support you while you’re researching and writing and sending drafts in and waiting and rewriting and waiting and … Plus, I don’t like the idea of knowledge being isolated and insulated and walled up in words (if not in pay barriers) that don’t allow other people who could use, enjoy, and even need it to access it. And having to prove your own existence (using scientific studies! personal experiences and accounts don’t count!) to the editor of an anthology partly about queerness in a particular media work is not really an experience that makes you eager to continue on. (and there was that time my proposal got accepted and got all the way to the published anthology but by the time it came out, the show had had over two more years of episodes and was about to go off the air in a matter of months)

So that’s about it in a spruced up, less formal (I hope!) nutshell. I was also recently, suddenly let go by my employer from my regular non-writing-involved job so good news bad news I have more writing (and research and image collection and…) time available and am thus also more likely to do of my long-form articles in addition to my Sunday Funday feature. But it also means I really need my tip jar to pick up. But that’s a topic for a different info tab. 🙂

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