Why yes, you should totally sneak up on the Cybertronian version of the Grim Reaper. A+ plan, Rodimus.

I think I'll call this That Fun Issue With Pretty Art Where Everything Is Foreshadowing Later Epic Sadness. Although calling the intro issue for the planet with the murder flowers fun is probably ... odd. But this 'is' an issue where no one dies or even gets injured.

That fun ensemble comedy where people laugh, love, get their heads blown off (and sometimes manage to get better), and … try to restore their society to the conditions that started the horrific war that killed billions, devastated planets, and literally made their own home planet uninhabitable (until it got reverted to a primordial state via shenanigans). Also, yes, that smaller ship is shaped like the captain’s head. [MTMTE #44 “The Not Knowing”]

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