Starscream – Will he live? Will he die? Will he inevitably be forced back into a stock villain role?

This is the most recent issue, so it remains to be seen if there will be any extra hauntings going on. Also, hopefully Starscream doesn't get forced back into the role of stock villain. But this is about MTMTE, not post-2012 IDW Starscream. ;)

This is spoilers, but, eh, yeah, Dark Cybertron is also Emotionally Wrecked About Bumblebee: The Event, and when he does come back it’s as a ghost haunting the dude now trying to do what Bumblebee was trying to do – unite and rebuild a post-war Cybertron. Yeah. Doesn’t really bode well for Starscream. Who could just be manifesting Bumblebee from his subconscious but Transformers is, err, not strangers to ghosts. Although usually Starscream is the ghost, not the one being haunted by a ghost. [Til All Are One #5 “Ping”]

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