Oh Ultra Magnus, one day you’ll be an individual too. Also, point to Rodimus for mentioning flex being good.

I will note here that Cyclonus wasn't rooting for Tailgate to take any badge at all. Also, as I think I mentioned elsewhere, crew members persist in calling Cyclonus a Decepticon despite the fact that he never was one and in fact basically missed the entire war.

Last issue, Tailgate (aka compulsive grandiose lying robo Rip Van Winkle) got a summary of the war and why it started from Cyclonus (the only other non-affiliated Cybertronian onboard, who also missed the war – via being trapped in the Dead Universe) and decided to become a Decepticon. Because a) need to fit in (badges!!) b) decision based on why the Decepticons started fighting. [MTMTE #4 – “Life After the Big Bang”]

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